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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State has dismissed as ruse an allegation by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) about a plot to rig the forthcoming governorship election in the state.
A statement by the APC State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Doifie Buokoribo, accused PDP of having a fondness for diversionary allegations, which in actual fact describe their own perverse schemes.

The statement said, “We have once again learnt about a deceptive allegation by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) linking our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), and the Nigerian Army with an alleged plan to rig the coming governorship election in the state.

“While we cannot speak for the Nigerian Army, APC completely dismisses the attempt to link it with poll rigging as a low trick invented to conceal PDP’s signature electoral character of thuggery, fraud, violence, and manipulation. This is yet another shameless and mischievous allegation by the PDP for which there is not a shred of evidence

“Time and again it has been shown that Bayelsa PDP’s keenness for bogus allegations and ‘uncovering plans’, especially before a major election, are actually an indirect disclosure of their own malicious plots. PDP in the state has fooled the country, and sometimes the security services, over and over by crying fake tears of apprehension.

“We use this opportunity to also alert the security agencies to the urgent need to dig deeper into PDP’s predilection for strange accusations ahead of the November 16 governorship election. Like crocodiles that are believed to shed tears while consuming their prey, PDP in Bayelsa State is known for deceptive alarm raised to cover up their own evil machinations.

“Governor Henry Seriake Dickson and his PDP must not be allowed to derail this election. Having seen the handwriting on the wall pertaining their imminent fall from power, there is a strong suspicion, backed up by history, that Dickson may become fiercer in his deployment of crude power during the coming poll. He has since fallen out with the critical segment of his party and his most likely fallback strategy may be to play the spoiler by creating confusion and trying to prevent APC’s increasingly glaring victory.

“But we are unperturbed. We are not in this election to chase shadows. We are here to win. AND WE WILL WIN.”

Evangelist Karibo explains significant of Oloibiri Oil, Gas discovery

Evangelist Naranie Albert Karibo has reiterated the significant of Oloibiri Oil and Gas Field discovery in Nigeria.

According to him, it is the first oil and gas industry in Nigeria with commercial quantity.

Not only that, it is also Nigeria’s first crude oil export from Oloibiri in 1958 initially at the rate of 5, 000 barrels per day. And of course, it is the first crude oil pipeline in Nigeria from Oloibiri oil Well to Port-Harcourt at Kugbo location to Bonny River Terminal.

Therefore, he said, this development of oil and gas industry in Nigeria will be incomplete without the mention of Oloibiri Well where it all started.

With this , Evangelist Karibo said that it has become imperative for them to establish the National Oil and Gas Discovery Day celebration and Thanksgiving by Ministries of God after much prayers which is aimed at bringing development to the Oloibiri area in Ogbia Local Government of Bayelsa state.

The next celebration comes up in January 15, 2020 at the oil Well 1,  Otuabagi in Oloibiri district.

Prominent sons and daughters, Royal Fathers of the Niger Delta
region including distinguished guests of the nation are invited to attend the epoch making event.
The event is also to create awareness for the younger generation to note the place of Oloibir in the history of Nigeria’s  oil industry.

The programme is powered by National Oil and Gas Discovery Initiative and HRM, King Dumaro Charles Owaba Obanobhan the 3rd of Ogbia Kingdom.

Concerned Citizens of OML communities ask Shell to stop work

Concern citizens of OML  7 7- 3d communities in Brass, Nembe Local Government Areas of Bayelsa state has called on Shell Petroleum Development Company,  SPDC, Nigeria Ltd to stop operating in their territorial waters to avoid break down of law and order.

The Chiefs and youths of Odioma community, Ibidi, Owoma, Okpoma, Twon-Brass, Beletaima, Egwema, Iyama, Diama, Okpumbia, Opuokubiri, Oginibin, Sangana in Brass Local Government Area and Obioku in Nembe Local Government Area stated this in a peace protest in the ocean close to Banabas Rivers.

 Some of the chiefs from the host 14 communities said they have been operating in their territorial waters for over 3 months without calling the communities for discussion in order to have freedom to operate peacefully in the area.

The Chiefs also said it has become imperative as the host communities cannot be undermined as they know that nowhere in the word that IOCs will work without proper understanding with host community.

Youths from the 14 communities said they made efforts to meet with the company in Port –Harcourt but proved no avail and they have also made efforts to see that the company meet up their demand that will promote development and mutual working relationship is to no avail.

2019 Bayelsa Guber:Diriyai outlines agenda for Bayelsans if voted as governor

The gubernatorial candidate of Accord Party (AP) for the 2019 governorship election,  Pastor Briyai Ebizimo has outlined his agenda for Bayelsa state if voted as governor.

In an interaction session with newsmen at the Bayelsa Independent Publishers Association (BIPA) office in Yenagoa, he assured Bayelsans that education will be one of his top agenda.

He said that the state  owned universities-  the Niger Delta University (NDU) , University of Africa (UOF)  and Bayelsa Medical University (BMU) will be operated as  collegiate system of education with only one Vice chancellor to reduce cost.

All these institutions, he opined, is to be merged together with the Niger Delta University  Amassoma with a view to upgrade it and manage them.

The guber candidate noted that education is important because it would provide employment to Bayelsa indigenes after their graduation.

He also assured Bayelsans that his administration would pay bursary and slash tuition fees for students to reduce their burdens, adding that the girl child and technical education is also to be taken care for.

Furthermore, he said that his administration will provide free compulsory education at primary and secondary levels.

On security, he assured Bayelsans that job opportunities is to be created for people to reduce problems of security of the state.

Also speaking on power, Pastor Diriyai intends to build Gas turbines to supply power to Brass, Nembe and Southern Ijaw axis which is expected to light up 35,000 houses.
Not only that, the guber candidate also intends to build petrochemical plant particularly solar energy to light up Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state. He promises to provide portable water to flush out Meruwas from selling water.

The Accord Party guber candidate said he will parley with the Americans and Israelis to be involved in effective irrigational system on Agriculture and security system

He described politics as dirty when the gladiators don’t have anything to offer, adding that Bayelsa is a rich state. Its resources must be used to develop the state.  He wants everyone to have access to it because it is their “commonwealth”, he said.     

NGO to mark national oil, gas discovery day

Evangelist Karibo

All roads lead to Oloibiri Well 1 Otuabagi in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa state on January 15, 2020 for the National Oil and Gas discovery Day celebration and thanksgiving event.

A statement issued by the President of Oloibiri Oil and Gas Discovery Initiative,  Evangelist Naranie Albert Karibo says the theme of next year’s celebration is entitled “Raising the Banner of Peace and Unity in the Niger Delta Region and Nigeria”.

He remarked that let the people give peace a chance in the struggle for their rights in sustainable economic development by appreciating God for using Ogbialand Bayelsa state and Niger Delta to bless Nigeria.

The proposed national oil and gas discovery day celebration will be the 4th edition so far powered by Oloibiri Oil and Gas Discovery Day Initiative in collaboration with HRM King Dumaro Charles Owaba Obanobhan 111 of Obia Kingdom.

According to him, prominent sons, daughters, royal fathers of Ogbia Kingdom including other distinguished guests of the state are invited to attend the occasion aimed at bringing development to the area.

The Oloibiri Oil and Gas Discovery Initiative is a non-governmental organization inspirationally founded by Ministers of God with the vision to annually mark and celebrate every 15th of January when crude oil was first discovered in Nigeria by Shell in 1956.


Bayelsa 2019: APC Accuses PDP of Politically Motivated Panic-mongering

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State of trying to foster panic in the state to prepare the ground for a state government-sponsored violence ahead of the November 16 governorship election.

The State Publicity Secretary and Secretary, Media and Publicity Committee of APC Bayelsa State 2019 Governorship Campaign Council, Mr. Doifie Buokoribo, stated this on Thursday in Yenagoa in a reaction to allegations of poll rigging and violence by the Bayelsa PDP Chairman, Mr. Moses Cleopas.

APC also accused the governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson, and his party of engaging in “a dress rehearsal for their own usual electoral violence and poll robbery.”

It described the allegations by PDP as “the ranting of a panic-stricken party rocked by greed and fear of failure owing to its own poor performance, which is struggling to sow anxiety among the people to stave off imminent electoral rejection.”

The statement said, “It is clear to the people of Bayelsa State and, indeed, Nigeria that the Peoples Democratic Party in the state is in a terrible panic mood. Raising false alarm is only a way of managing their anxiety.

“False accusation and panic-mongering have been their signature election eve dress rehearsal for violence and electoral manipulation. The whole country saw it in 2015/2016. Ahead of November 16, PDP in the state is engaged in another full-scale practice before the launch of their terror assault on our electoral democracy.

“The party seems even more desperate this time. Hit by a wave of defections and imminent consequence of its poor performance, PDP in Bayelsa is nervous. And it has entered a persecution complex mode. 

“In addition to the known contents of the PDP terror package, as hinted by its state chairman, APC is aware of the governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson’s plot to ‘pardon’ some hardened criminals who had been convicted for various criminal offences, apparently, for use as foot soldiers in his party’s electoral violence and manipulation scheme. Obviously conscious of the fact that this evil plot has been exposed, Dickson and PDP are hastily clutching at the last straw of panic-mongering.
“But, unfortunately for them, their strategy has become an old joke to Bayelsans.

“Let us reiterate that APC is not distracted by PDP’s antics ahead of the governorship election. We remain focused.

“We are on the ballot to win. The mood of Bayelsa currently accords with our message. And we will win.”   


Photo Caption: Candidate of the APC, Chief David Lyon (middle); Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo (Left), Deputy Governorship Candidate and Hon. Jothan Amos (Right), State Chairman of APC Bayelsa in Ekeremor Town on Saturday during the APC Governorship Campaign Rally
The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief David Lyon, has called for stronger collaboration between government, security agencies and local communities to protect and judiciously use the crude oil wealth for the growth and development of the people.

 According to Lyon who is contesting to succeed the incumbent governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, in the forthcoming November 16 governorship election, the tripod collaboration would help foster speedy development of the oil-rich Niger Delta state.

 Addressing a mammoth crowd that received him at Egbemo-Angalabiri Community in Ekeremor Local Government Council, Lyon said Bayelsans still live in penury because the Dickson-led administration failed to protect and invest the common wealth of the people on profit generating projects, thereby causing the people to live from hand to mouth.

He observed that the level of development in the communities does not reflect the true nature of the contributions they put into the wealth and growth of Nigeria as oil producing areas.

 He promised that when elected into office, protecting the crude oil wealth of the state from activities of pipeline vandals and crude oil thieves, a phenomenon he said has exposed the Bayelsa State to severe environmental degradation would top the list of his priorities.

 Explaining further when his campaign team visited Peretorugbene and Toru-Ndoro Communities, Lyon promised to ensure that all local communities are captured in the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) of multinational oil corporations operating in the area.

He said whilst he served as youth leader of his community, Olugbobiri in Southern Ijaw LGA, in 1995, he was the first youth leader to sign a GMoU with a multinational oil corporation to secure contracts and jobs for young people, saying leadership of youth groups across the state can take a queue from him.

He declared that only when job opportunities are created to ensure that young people are self reliant that the crude oil resources of Nigeria can be safe. Lyon said this had become more imperative in order to sustain peace and stability of the state, and above all prepare a better and prosperous future of generation of Bayelsans yet unborn.

He revealed that while he is traversing communities to seek the support of the electorate in a responsible manner, his main aim is to also use the opportunity to meet and find out the teething challenges of the people ahead of the governorship poll.

Reiterating his commitment to develop the state when elected as governor, Lyon said he was not only overwhelmed by the love Ekeremor people have demonstrated towards him and the APC, but that he is also marveled by the level of preparedness of the people of the area to exercise and protect their franchise for the APC.

Interacting with the chiefs and people of the various communities, the APC candidate thanked them for their show of courage as flood continues to ravage many communities in Ekeremor, adding that he has no doubt that the people would give his party bloc votes with same courage come 16 November.
While assuring them of his readiness to impact more on their lives, immediately after being sworn in as governor, Lyon promised to complete the Sagbama-Ekeremor Road and commence work at the abandoned Agge Seaport project which he said has the capacity to provide employment for thousands of Bayelsans.

He further said, "as an oil producing communities, you deserve more than the hardship the state government has exposed you to. I understand your condition because my community suffers the same fate. In other words, I am on the same page with you in this struggle.

"If we live in a state where only the right people are elected into office, communities like yours should be enjoying better roads, schools, health facilities and potable water. This time I expect you to do the right thing by voting for the APC to ensure that we change the narrative.

"When I become governor, I would create more jobs for your people, I would lin
k your communities with the outside world through roads, I would build befitting hospitals for you, I would provide better and sustainable educational system for your children. The time to protect and spend our crude oil wealth judiciously has come."

Receiving 150 defectors from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) into the APC at Ekeremor Town, the chairman of APC in the state, Hon. Jothan Amos, said that the mood in the state shows that the people are fed up with the PDP-led government.

In all the communities visited, the people lauded him for employing thousands of youths through his oil and gas surveillance contract, and assured him of their preparedness to work for the victory of APC in the forthcoming election.

People from communities in the area endorsed the APC as the campaign tour climaxed with a mega rally in Aleibiri community, home town of former speaker and deputy governor, Rt. Hon. Peremobowei Ebebi, where a humongous crowd gathered to cheer and receive the campaign team despite the rains.

Speaking at the rally, Ebebi said David Lyon has given youths of the area employment opportunities and that he is confident that when Lyon becomes governor the rate of unemployment in the area would drop.

"I know David Lyon very well. He is a proven leader that has empowered and employed our youths with his position as pipeline surveillance contractor. A man with that kind of track record, I am sure would do far better if he becomes governor of the state.

"For the last seven and half years we supported the PDP-led government, what did we gain? They said they are constructing road to Ekeremor, that road is still far from complete, and in five months they would be leaving office. What then can we say is our benefit?

The campaign team visited Egbemo-Angalabiri, Peretorugbene, Isampou,Toru-Ndoro, Aleibiri and Ekeremor where monarchs and chiefs gave the APC campaign team their blessings and support.


Photo Caption: Candidate of the APC, Chief David Lyon (middle), in Kaiama, Kolokuma/Opukuma Local Government Council on Tuesday

The people of Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Council in Bayelsa State, Tuesday, declared total support for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief David Lyon. They said their son who is the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Douye Diri, was elected without any form of consultation with them.

Speaking on behalf of the people of the area in Sabageria during APC's governorship campaign rally, Alternate Director General of the APC Bayelsa State 2019 Governorship Campaign Council, Professor Seiyefa Brisibe, said the PDP deceived the people of Kolokuma/Opokuma during its last primary election that produced Senator Diri.

He pointed out that the area had an illustrious son they wanted as governorship candidate but the incumbent governor of the state, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, gave the PDP ticket to Diri without consulting with people of the area.

Explaining further, he said the PDP candidate does not protect the interest of the people of the area and therefore cannot attract any form of development to the people, just as they did not benefit from the Dickson’s government for close to eight years.

"They claim we should support them because they have given us a Governorship candidate. But did they consult us before giving us the Governorship candidate? I urge you to vote for APC because we are sure of empowerment and development when David Lyon is in power”, he declared.

Addressing the mammoth crowd that turned out for the rally, the APC governorship candidate, Lyon, assured the people of the area that if voted into office come November 16, he would complete the Sabageria/Polako bridge project. The bridge has been abandoned for eight years.

David Lyon who was received by traditional rulers, elders, women and youths of Kolga, also promised to provide soft loans and grants for small and medium scale businesses women from the area, in a bid to move the people above the poverty line.

According to the APC candidate, "I am an Ijaw man like you, and I know your problems because they are the same problems I face everyday as a person. When I become governor, I assure you that I would work hard to solve your problems.

"First, I would complete the abandoned Polako/Sabageria bridge to connect you to Yenagoa City. I would build befitting schools, hospitals and roads to ease your challenges as a people.

"I will sand fill parts of Okoloba Community in order to ensure that the annual flood that renders you homeless and jobless as a people don't disturb you anymore. For our women, I will establish small-scale businesses for you. I will provide farm tools for farmers to sustain their means of livelihood.

Also speaking, Hon. Ndutimi Komonibo, the APC campaign coordinator for Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Council reiterated the fact that the PDP has tempted the people of Kolga to their limits to the point that the only option is to vote for the APC.

Komonibo declared, "That is why God has sent us a David to liberate our people from our enemies that don't want our progress. My people, you know that our people are very intelligent people. The governor, without consulting us, brought one of our sons as candidate.

"To me that is temptation. Are you ready to vote for that temptation? Our problem is that if Douye Diri becomes governor, he would become Dickson's stooge and we would continue to suffer as we suffered under Dickson's administration.

"So if you ask me between Douye and development which would I choose? I would choose development because the PDP has not and will never bring development to us."

The APC campaign train later went to Opukuma, Odi and Kaiama. At each point, highly enthusiastic supporters who endorsed the APC Governorship candidate met them. In turn, the APC team preached the message of a better Bayelsa for all.

2019 Bayelsa Guber: Lyon’s support groups want release of mobilization fund

A strong appeal has gone out to the leadership of All Progressive Congress (APC) campaign Council of Bayelsa state governorship election to mobilize NGO’S and other groups for the successful election of David Lyon come November 16, 2019.

This appeal was made to newsmen in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state by the Deputy Coordinator of Progressive Youth Mandate of Nigeria, Bayelsa state chapter (PYM) Mr. Owoupele Eneoriekumoh Owous - an NGO canvassing support for soft landing of Lyon.

According to him, the campaign council is yet to mobilize NGO’s and other related groups since the flag off the party’s campaign at Ogbia Town.

Therefore, he calls on the head of the mobilization chairman, Hon. Henry Ofongo to do the needful for them to know the fate of where they are going.

He would want the campaign council to intervene otherwise the situation is going to demoralize the people, adding that the right thing must be done unlike what happened to Chief Timipre Sylva in 2015 general about people who collected mobilization money and went  home without nothing which led to Sylva’s failure.

He is of the opinion that Lyon is a good person so people should not mare his image by painting it black unnecessarily by sycophants.

He said that the group has written several letters to the campaign organization but no response up till now.

He added that his group has about 54, 000 members across the 105 wards in the eight local government areas of Bayelsa state and he would be sad if the people back out.

To this end, he wants the leader of the party, Chief Sylva and others stakeholders to look into this matter of none mobilization of NGO’s and others groups while big chuck of money is doled out for them.

The sad part of it all, he complains, is that there is no access for groups to see the flag bearer to interact with him as his close aids block them anytime they wanted see him, adding that people should not take it for granted the massive support for Lyon as they may use it to make money.
Several calls were made to the chairman of the Mobilization Committee of the campaign council, Hon. Henry Ofongo proved abortive as it all rang out.