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Dressing To Your Body Shape

What is it that makes you choose what you wear? Is it comfort? Style? Color? We all choose our clothing for different reasons.  Some of us want to stand out, others want to blend in. Whatever the core reasons, the one thing to keep in mind is that there are certain basics which must be achieved before we can even talk about having style. What do I mean? I mean that whatever it is that we want to express with our look, we must make the conscious effort to keep within the boundary of style. Every style can be overdone and look cheap or done tastefully. It’s about balancing every item within the look.
The single most important thing to consider when choosing clothes is your body shape. No matter how cute that dress is, if it was not designed for your body shape, you will end up looking silly. Ever body shape can be flattered by wearing the right cut of clothes just as great injustice can be done to a figure by wearing the wrong cut. The next thing to consider is color. Every skin shade has certain colors that enhance it and others that subtract from it. Some people look better in warm colors while cool colors work better for others. An easy way to find out which works better for you is to drape different colored fabrics around your face and you will begin to see that certain colors read better against your skin tone. It is even easier to have someone help you observe the effects of different colors.
After that, the next consideration is occasion or practicability. You don’t want to be the girl wearing a suit at a picnic or the girl wearing that Herve Leger stunner at a young child’s funeral. As long as you get these basics right, you can be sure that you are on your way to projecting yourself stylishly. Without taking these into account, one is likely to miss the style boat. Your attempt at looking like a rock chic will be unsuccessful if the jeans are the wrong cut for your body shape. Also the most stunning dress will look drab if worn in the wrong shade of green. Of course we all know that the fliest outfit will only make you look like a fool with money if worn to the wrong occasion.
It is when all these have been fulfilled that one can start ones style journey. With these conquered it is easier to navigate the murky waters of fashion to arrive at whatever style destination we set for ourselves.

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