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Man dies after poising his friend – Church story

A young man has kicked the bucket after he attempted his dear friend with food poison in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.
The tumultuous congregation of Prophetic Light Ministry led by Prophet Diepreye Samuel Okiakpe heard this awesome testimony on Friday night
Nobody knows how it happen but the testimony has it that it all started when the deceased gave his A young man has kicked the bucket after he attempted to kill his dear friend with food poison in friend poisoned food to eat.
After he ate food, there was big black smoke emanated from his belly and in order to save his life, he quickly contacted his pastor, Prophet Okiakpe.
According to the testimony by the survivor, the pastor healed him of the black smoke that was caused by the food poison.
Later, when his deceased friend saw him alive and still in his desperation to kill him had invited him to know what happened to his life? But he told the deceased that he’s indisposed to meet with him. The decease made frantic efforts to help him out of his illness even pressurized to some extent to buy drugs for him but he declined.
According to the testimony, moments after their interaction his friend heard that the deceased has given up the ghost, saying to all far and near and who have ears to hear that there is fire burning him all over his body.
 The late man cried aloud to the amazement of his neighborhood before he died. The church congregation was spell bound as this testimony is heard. 

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