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Dickson to release N400m to kick-start IMB

By Esther Ebe-Opuene
The Governor of Bayelsa state Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson is to release N400m to kick starts Izon-Ibe Microfiances Bank.
Dickson gave this hint while commissioning the head office of Izon-Ibe Microfiance Bank in Ekeki, Yenagoa the capital of Bayelsa state.
He stated that each of the branch will received N25 million in the eight local government areas of the state at the end of the month.
"You are only limited by your dreams and hard work. We want to breed a generation of confident people. I am dedicating the sum of N25 million as start up for each of the branches in the local government areas. As a product of the Izon movement, we will continue to stand for truth, pride and loyalty. Stand for what is right and defend the Izon nation."
Dickson said the bank will be used as medium to pay civil servant salary especially with those living and working in the rural areas and those on low level, noting that  they will be ask to open an account with the bank to facilitate their payment.
He noted that all government beneficiaries, including the pensioner scheme and the Bayelsa Volunteers will be asked to have an account with the bank as their payment will be through the bank.
He revealed that entrepreneurship school established by government is tied to the bank noting that there are other special schemes set up for the welfare of civil servants in the state.
He called for the prompt payment of salaries to civil servants by the bank particularly those who have an account with them in case of delayed of salary due to late arrival of allocation from the federal government.
Dickson said Izon-Ibe Microfinance Bank is  the first state owned bank, stressing that the bank is open to all Izon people and those living and doing  business in Yenagoa while urging Bayelsans to use the opportunity to invest in the bank as life time investment.

The MD of the bank Mr. Ifemi Ikpiakpia in his opening remark said Bayelsa state is the first to have a microfinance bank in the South-South.
He said the establishment of Izon-Ibe Microfinance Bank with such an expansion branch network will clearly be a strong catalyst that will benefit Bayelsans.
He stated that it will invoke the spirit of enterprise  and promote entrepreneurship through direct  and easy access to credit.
Mr. Ikpiakpia also said that the bank will stimulate growth in the local economies, stressing that it will boost production in the agriculture sector, commerce, healthcare and education.


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