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Big Drama as APC, PDP Campaign Teams Meet On Kaiama Bridge Head

Penultimate Friday will long be remembered in the political history of Bayelsa state as a big dramatic incident played out at the Kaiama Bridge when the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, and opposition All Progressive Congress, APC, campaign organizations met at a traffic jam on the bridge along the East West Road.
Nobody knows how it all started but close sources on ground say that all the two campaign teams were returning from their different campaign venues on that fateful day, but unfortunately there was the traffic jam that held them down.
Exhausted in their various cars and buses, supporters of the two parties had decided to disembark from their vehicles to take fresh air and perhaps to find out the cause of the hold up on the bridge. learnt it was at this process that the drama began to unfold. The APC supporters who were going back to Yenagoa after the Sagbama rally chanted “APC change, change, Dickson and his wives”. They yelled and continue to chant the slogan on top of their voices.
The PDP youth supporters were as well came out from their campaign cars and buses and chanted “Koko Governor”, “Koko Governor, you are not electable” relentlessly all over the bridge head which make the whole atmosphere become tense.
While all this was happening, both Sylva and Dickson were holed up inside their official cars watching the dramatic personae performing.
However, the quick intervention of the security agents brought the tense situation under control as they take charge of the traffic grid into Kaiama and Yenagoa along the East West Road.
A supporter of Sylva who wants to remain anonymous said that what happen is good for democracy because both parties tolerated one another as the incident did not cause violence.

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