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Re-scheduled Bayelsa Gov Poll Who Wins?

Political intrigues and permutations have shot up between the incumbent Governor Dickson and Timipre Sylva after the cancellation of the Southern Ijaw Local Government election by the state resident electoral commissioner on Monday December 7 2015. Tongues have started to wag who wins the polls.
Checks revealed that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the opposition All Progressive Party APC were holding nocturnal meetings to outwit one another as they wait patiently for INEC to fix a date for the re-run of the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area election.
For instance, the opposition APC carried out a peaceful protest along major roads leading to the state Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, office along Swali Road, demanding that the Saturday 6, 2015 Southern Ijaw Local Government election is released.
However, security agents attached to the INEC office barred them from entering the gate to register their reason of the protest but minutes thereafter, the protesters gradually went back.
Sources say the protesters from the opposition APC candidate said that their principal got over 71, 000 votes while PDP has 10,000 votes cast. But before this count, the state resident electoral commissioner had announced the cancellation of the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area vote.
The PDP having protested the alleged fraudulent election also engaged stakeholders of the party and a cross section of the political class in the state to convince them that the Southern Ijaw election is unacceptable.
Addressing newsmen in Yenagoa, 14 political parties expressed their dissatisfaction over the outcome of the governorship election on Saturday 6, 2015.
Spokesman of the group, Mr. William Berezi would want INEC to purge itself as some of its officials were compromised. The electoral body, he continued, should set out the urgent task of investigating its personnel who threw caution to the wind and also sold their conscience for various sums and ensure that such officials do not take part in the re-scheduled election.
Creek News Weekly gathered that the political tension is till high in Bayelsa state as people continue to discuss at public places particularly in beer parlors in town, probing who will win the overall election after the conduct of the re-scheduled vote.
As at now, Governor Dickson is leading with over 39, 000 votes than Sylva. Out of the total votes cast at the seven local government areas of the state, APC has 72, 594 votes while PDP has 105, 748 votes.
The public outcry over the Southern Ijaw poll is seemingly affecting the chances of the APC, Mr. Paddy Oweikeme has said. According to him, the allege use of thugs, ex-militants and security agents was so glaring that it has dented the image of the party for the re-scheduled election while APC is of the view that Southern Ijaw election be upheld if not they will go court to seek redress.
The APC stand is being corroborated on what Prophet Owomo-Owomo of Christ Deliverance Ministry Warri, who said he did not see any winner of the election but a court case.
Governor Dickson himself has made public pronouncement after the election, saying that if free, fair and credible election is held, he will sweep the polls in Southern Ijaw local government area.
Creek News Weekly however gathered that the two contenders has fulfilled the constitutional provisions of who become the governor-elect because they have scored more than 25 per cent of the total votes cast in the seven local government areas of the state.
According to Mr. Oweikeme, what is now required is the candidate that get the highest vote from re-scheduled election in Southern Ijaw. If this acceptable, one do not need Jesus Christ to tell you who wins the election, he said.
He would want Bayelsans especially youths to refrain from political violence during the election as politicians are only out to use and abandon them after the election.
Creek News checks revealed in some circles that they are “two angels” wanting to get the majority of the votes from the electorate.
A cross section of the residents believed that the December 5, 2015 election was the toughest since the creation of the state by late Gen. Sani Abacha in 1996. This is based on the two rival party’s campaigns and personalities before the Saturday’s ballot.
However, a social justice crusader of the state, Mr. Ekiyor Wilson strongly believed that non of the two candidates is fit for the number one seat of the state as they have once played out their best performance for Bayelsa people, adding that Bayelsans are voting for their personal and selfish interest of the contenders but not for the societal development of the state.


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