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Counseling session

In this week’s edition of relationship gist, I will be sharing with you real life experiences as a counselor. Different cases and their solution, mind you, all these experiences are real, but real names have been changed to protect the identities of the clients involved. Okay! Come with me to my consulting room, you have much to learn through this emotional but very informative segment of counseling session.
‘I never thought it will happen to me’
My name is Lilian and I am 25years old. I am in a relationship with a guy of 27years old. We have known each other for quite some-time now, we actually met when I was still in school. After I left school we broke up, 1year later we reconciled although the reconciliation move from my angle, to cut the long story short, we came back together and things were rosy and fun for just two weeks then  balloon bust!  I realize that the same reason I left this guy in the past is still there. The bad traits and attitude. Let me explain. This guy will be in a hotel with another girl and still invite me to come over. I will get there unknowingly that a girl is there and he will tell the other girl to leave for me. In as much as I felt good about him choosing me over the other girl, I feel even worse seeing him with another girl. It got to a point I will be with him and he will be talking about his former girlfriend! That was very painful! And  to top it all, whenever I travel to go and visit him, he never calls me back to check if I had gotten home. The situation gets worse by the day. he doesn’t pay my bills, he hurts me all the time but i love him and I know it is no longer working, but I don’t know how to work away or forget about him, or what to do please help me!!! This whole issue is ruining my daily happiness.
LISTEN TO ME: It takes two to make a relationship work. Putting in all your best will not make a relationship successful. It deserves partnership. Each partner has to be committed to making the relationship work. Can two work together except they agree? You have to break up with this guy because it is leading no-where!
The more you continue the more broken you become, so quit so you can meet a better man. Now firstly, tell God to heal your heart, after which, delete his number and anything that remind you of him. No calls, no messages. Make a decision in your heart it is over! Go to church; listen to the world of God. No surgeon can mend the heart only Jesus can! I believe and I know you will meet a better man who will appreciate, honor and respect you. Let him go. All the best.
Hi Princess Gold! My name is franca and I am 18years old. I am in the university at the moment, but I have an addiction. I believe talking to you about it can help me get through and out of this problem. As a young pretty girl, I seem to be more attracted to girls instead of guys. This has been on since I was in high school. I have lots of female friends and I do have sexually activity with any girl. When I go into a relationship with a man, it never last, they all end up breaking up with me when they find out am a lesbian. Please what should I do? I really want to break this addiction and have a stable relationship and get married someday.
LISTEN TO ME; I must commend you for your courage, for talking to me about such sensitive issue bothering you. It really means you don’t like what you do and you want to stop it. Now listen to me, this is what you should do. Firstly, you have to see a pastor I believe you are a Christian and you do attend one of these new generation churches. See your pastor, tell him exactly what you just told me. Tell him to lay hands on you and pray for you. Then secondly, you have to cut off those lesbian friends. Make new friends and also male friends. Hang out more with male than female friends. And if you are into pornography you have to stop it. Delete every porn video from your phone and your room. Replace them with gospel videos, and things that contain the word of God. The bible says you fall in the time of adversary because your strength is small! I believe your strength is big, above all don’t stop talking to God about this issue, you will overcome and break free! God bless you!
If you have another issue bothering you feel free to talk to me. Your identity won’t be revealed. You can contact me on my hotline 07018880628 have a blessed week.


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