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I Thank Bayelsans For Keeping Faith With Destiny –Dangosu

A social crusader in the Niger Delta, Rita Dangosu has opined that the victory of Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa state at the December 5 governorship polls has further proven that the Ijaw Nation has her destiny in her hands.
The Ogbia-born social activist, in a statement in Yenagoa, said “the victory was an eloquent expression of our faith in ourselves, our region and the Peoples Democratic Party”
Rita who runs a private schoolin Kaduna state also described the re-election of Governor Dickson as a victory for former President Goodluck Jonathan whom she described as the “only true leader that Nigeria had ever produced, and history and time will vindicate him”.
The woman activist, who believed that the former President was ‘rigged out of office’ during the last election, said it would have been a slap on Jonathan’s face if his party, the Peoples Democratic Party and his home state, Bayelsa had lost the governorship election to the All Progressives Congress which she described as a propagandist party.
“With great joy, I thank the Ijaw Nation, all Bayelsans and all that resident in Bayelsa state for voting for our brother and Governor, Seriake Dickson and by extension, the Ijaw Nation.
“I urged you all to remain resolute and determined and rebuild the Peoples Democratic Party for our better tomorrow”, she said.
She further described the All Progressives Congress as a farce and flawed situation that will soon fade away for what it ‘really’ is.
“The change mantra is a ploy by the APC to deceive simple and unthinking people. We are not simple and unthinking. We are elegant in reasoning, simple in understanding but very sophisticated in our determination to express ourselves in Nigeria
“We do not need the broom. What do we need it for? Is it to clean our toilets or what? We have always, before now, known how to keep ourselves clean and pure.
“Therefore let us join hands together to build our state, Bayelsa state and the South-South and let the South-South work in concert with the South-East to continue to press for equity in Nigeria”, she concluded.

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