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Dickson in the eye of Bayelsans

April 8, 2016

Doubtless, Governor Henry Seriake Dickson, the Toru-Orua born governor of Bayelsa state has ever dreamt that he will face turbulent financial crisis when he became the paragon of Government House in Yenagoa, the seat of power. Today he looks like a fish that dopes out of the ocean and quickly nosedive into the water.
He became governor of circumstance in 2012 when former president Goodluck Jonathan holds sway. His choice prevailed over others reason been that he is a member of the National Assembly at that time. Lucky young man he was!
However, not much bordered him at his initial stage of governance because there were adequate monies coming to the state from the federal allocations including the 13 per cent derivation. Governance was indeed good for him. There were project here and there. The governor by then make public of his monthly allocations and savings which he used to invite various stakeholders to attend.
Well politicians, they say, have no permanent friends and foes. This is true to type with Governor Dickson. The contriman governor political boat started to rock when former political office holders under Sylva’s administration return to join him. Series of disagreements here and there gather momentum as they accuse Dickson of sideling them.
What keen political observers see is hatred, instead of compassion which maximally set in to smear the fairly good relationship that existed between him and them.
This unpalatable political development however, catapulted into a daily crescendo of political back lashing against his PDP returnees whom he perceived as Abuja based politicians, blaming them for not bringing development to the state since they were elected. He promised them hard time.
Truly, he pragmatically brought his promise to pass as some contending incumbents lose the national assembly elections. Those affected never take this very kindly with him.  
Today, as I write this, a cross section of Bayelsans see Dickson as a proud man. Bullshit if he never fulfills his promise. It is like he knows all; even those who made him to be who is today are not respected except late Alams whom Dickson with others too numerous to mention once lifted a mock coffin against his leadership. Let I forget, he was also a member of the panel that impeached the late ex-governor.
They also see his arrogance rearing up its ugly head when the governorship election came up last year. Hundreds of his party faithful and those he denied contesting the national assembly polls cross-carpeted to the APC, a situation that nearly marred his re-election bid.
 As if that hurdle he passes through is not enough, Dickson is currently under financial mess, a problem he said is affecting Nigerians nationwide. Therefore, people see him as one that has joined the league of states owing their civil servants for more than four months.
Now, one pertinent the question everyone asking Dickson is this: What happen to the December 2015; January, February and March 2016 federal allocations coming to the state including the savings he claimed to have made so far in spite of his cry of no money?
Nobody knows but it is strongly believed that he allocates money regularly to some selected government institutions such as the state House of Assembly whether they scare him. He is playing the power game without caution for the poor majority of the people.
Unarguably, some Bayelsans have seen crooks in the Dickson’s administration that are hiding the truth from him about the exact number of civil servants in the state. How many verification exercise Dickson will carry out? It is obvious that those in charge of the verification exercise are very economically with the truth.
For now, Governor Dickson is seen as a worried man. He no longer has the guts to address his downloaded transparency briefings that used to be very flamboyance. The show has become a hide and seeks play by children. No more jamboree again as the show is now confining to the tinny Deputy Governor’s office. Bayelsans see him as someone who takes care of himself, family and few selected government officials.
Bayelsans would want Dickson to see beyond federal allocations as other economic options are abound to meet up the needs of the state.
He should venture into agriculture which is possible. Create the enabling environment; stop double taxation, invest on power and invite the white guys back to reposition the Bayelsa Palm, Peremabiri Rice Farm and others.
Stock these places with young school leavers to work and pay them weekly provided security is guaranteed. The state economy will definitely boom as he makes use of the state savings he claimed to have made so far.
Bayelsans would like to see Dickson to do away from embarking on porous and none profit oriented projects again. Millions of naira has gone with the winds on such projects if only it exists.
Bayelsans has never gone through life with this current type of economic hardship since the state was created in 1996.The era of Obasanjo who wanted ouster Alams out of office is not as biting as Dickson’s current economic predicament neither Sylva nor Jonathan.
Dickson must realize that no matter what, he cannot be governor for more than eight years; another person takes over after him. He will become a shadow of himself if he did not take caution. Great leaders in the past used to be given loud ovations wherever they appear in public.
Their names are already written on platter of gold. It is not a matter of acquiring mansions that could crumble down any day. Remember one good turn deserves another.
He should humble himself to solve the current financial crisis quickly before the poor old men and women begin to “fade away.’

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