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Bob tasks girl-child to stay clean

The Special Adviser on Talent Development and Gender Promotion, Hon.(Mrs.) Helen Inafor-Bob has advised the girl-child to stay clean and build a healthy future for herself and the state at large.
She made this remark in an interview with newsmen during the National Children Day celebrations held at the Peace Park, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.
According to her, there is this saying that “Cleanness is next to Godliness”, therefore she urged the girl-child to prepare her personal hygiene seriously to stay healthy and stay out of sex to avoid unnecessary health complications with a view to become good mothers.
Bob said, the girl-child should not be affected with unwanted sex implications as they usually go around with unprotected sex, adding that the girl-child should know her safety condition to have sex.
She pointed that, maintenance is a personal hygiene and safety is awareness, stressing that the girl-child should not go into pre-mature sex when she is not prepared.
The theme of this year children day –Girls Stay Clean and Healthy- for the future development of Bayelsa state was to create awareness and encourage them to stay safe because the consequences are enormous.
She explained that most girls get infection with sex without knowing it which may steal their future away from them, she remarked.
Mrs. Bob is optimistic about the Child-Right Bill which of course on second reading, adding that her office in collaboration with other social groups are on top of the bill to ensure that it shall sail through and pass it into law.
 As a talent developer, she said developing talent is a gradual thing just as a child has to pass through primary to secondary school and secondary to tertiary institution to become useful to society, saying she has done a lot in this direction in Bayelsa state and she isn’t relaxing on her oars to achieve greater height.

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