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Bayelsa Omitted in Buhari’s Ambassadorial List

The non-inclusion of qualified Bayelsa career civil servants in the Foreign Service of Ambassador designates from President Muhamamadu Buhari to the senate on Thursday June 9, 2016, has drawn the irk of opinion leaders.
In a press statement made available to the press in Yenagoa, by a former member, House of Representatives, Hon. Bolous Indiamaowei frowned at the deliberate omission of a qualified Bayelsan in the Nigerian foreign service to make the list in spite of the fact that, there are qualified Deputy Directors who would have made the list, but were “sidelined”.
The former NASS member also accused Buhari of not running an inclusive government, which of course, with the non-inclusion of Bayelsa state career Foreign Service is a clear negation of the Federal character of equitable representation in the country.
Hon. Indiamaowei pointed out that, Buhari sent a list of 47 ambassadorial nominees to the senate for prompt confirmation, adding that some of the flaws in the selection process indicate that some states have three nominees, while some of the nominees from other states are junior officers in terms of states, to the officers from Bayelsa state.
He urged senators to bring the matter to the floor of the red chambers and impress upon Mr. President to include a Bayelsan on the list of ambassadors to be appointed.


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