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Oil companies are the most corrupt – Pst Walson

By Ebe-Opuene Iwumansi

The Deputy Chairman of the South/South, Waste Management Society of Nigeria, (WAMASON) Pastor Walson Paminola have described oil companies as the most corrupt in the world.
He made this remark during a chat with some journalists in Yenagoa , the Bayelsa state capital . Pastor Walson who was furious on the spoliation, degradation and devastation done to the environment, accused the oil companies of not availing their social responsibilities in helping out in making the environment safe for dwellers
He said the Oil producing companies in Nigeria are not interested in the welfare of the host communities but rather interested in what they get , leaving the people in abject poverty. Explaining further, he said that the oil companies in the region instigate crises among host communities for them to fight while they drill their oil.
 He stated that Shell is trying to run away from their callous activities thereby selling all its properties located in the creeks.
Walson however applauded the Federal Government for its step to kick-start the clean-up of Ogoni land stressing that it is a step in the right direction while urging the federal government to extend the clean-up exercise to other part of the Niger Delta where oil wells are located.
He noted that a lot of environmental injustice had been put in place where most lives have been endangered including lost of species stressing that a damage have been done to the environment because most plants and animals that were found to be indicators that respond to changes had gone extinct thereby posing serious threat on man and its environment.
 He stated that the clean-up exercise will not bring back the environment to its actual state but may get closer though it may take a longer period stressing that the moment nature is distorted, there is no amount of capacity to restore such an environment to what it was as natural.
He noted that local commentators who are experts in things concerning the environment are being relegated to the background while government is bent on foreign experts who are not familiar with the environment.

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