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The No Money Syndrome in Bayelsa

It appears that inhabitants of Yenagoa were gripped with a new fever called ‘No Money, No Money Syndrome’ being the parlance of the day. learnt that scores of Bayelsans in restaurants, buses and other public places has formed the habit of saying the above mentioned words each time they converse together following the prevailing hard economic pains they are presently undergoing.
According to a shop owner in Kpansia area of Yenagoa metropolis, Mr. Awinowei Ebilade who spoke on this issue said that it is a bad omen for people to say these negative words and urged such people to refrain from it because it may cause adverse effect on their lives.
However, he prefers on the other hand of saying ‘there is money, money everywhere in Bayelsa.
He buttresses his point of view from the scriptures that says: “as a man thinks, so he is.’ So whatever situation anyone found himself, he should think positively.
Another Bayelsan who spoke to is of the view that the ‘no money, no money’ syndrome emerged as a result of the high poverty level in the state.
He said several people in the state live in hunger; they beg money to eat a meal daily and most times they don’t know where the next meal is coming from.
It is gathered that nobody in the state claim to have money to give friends or relations because of the economic meltdown unlike in the past where people give out money freely.
According to news reports, Bayelsa state government received more than N95billion during president Muhammadu Buhari’s one year in office but yet the state governor Henry Dickson said the money is inadequate to pay salaries because of high debt profile he inherited from his predecessor, Chief Timipre Sylva administration.
He even went further to say that Bayelsans are lazy people that they cannot fend for themselves on national radio and television which made several people in the state condemn his narrow minded claim.   

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