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Dickson: hated and feared by his rivals

By Snoopy Boy

Dressed in a typical Niger Delta style, he ascended to the throne of power like a war lord of Old Ijo nation. As he walks towards the rostrum to make his inaugural address, it was the conviction of the political class and commentators present at that symbolic occasion that a tried and National Assembly Rep has come on board to rule Bayelsa state.
Dickson is also once a policeman. But not satisfied with what he had been, he left the service for the University, just like so many of his friends did and he came back with a law degree. Apparently he delves into politics to re-create himself with great passion. Eventually, he became the governor of necessity as some say when former president Jona held sway.
But while his first tenure lasted, the electorate discovered that actually Dickson may not the Messiah they expected to rule them because he cannot afford to ameliorate their pangs of hunger.
The Restoration Government he claimed to be running turns sour with its attendant shortfall of funds coming to the state. The blow is so disastrous because there was no strategic and solid economic base on ground to fall back to remedy the sad situation.
One grave impact by this connection is that he cannot pay salaries. A situation such as this, however, turns the people’s anger against the governor. They now hate him especially his peers outside government circles as the state become an orgy of famine and starvation, very dry to live in spite of the resilience nature of man to rally around to survive the hard times daily.
Some say he’s heartless, wicked and arrogant in nature adding that he cares for himself and his family including few government institutions which he cannot afford to ignore to rule well. The man doesn’t cares for a hoot if interest groups protest for their right but rather he would use a brute force by his ardent supporters to dispatch them.
So everywhere you go, the people expressed hatred against the him. I strongly believed his aides must have told him about this but his usual response is that Bayelsans prefer running down their leaders instead of celebrating them.
There may be mystery behind Dickson’s personality as no one has ever challenged him in spite of the perilous times the people of the state are passing through. This mystery is usually conversed in the nocturnal circles by those who know his roots which seem to have created fear among the governed.
A source said that there was a sticker in his father’s house with the following inscription: Sweet and Bitter. It’s awesome they say. He may have inherited that psychologically from his father to rule Bayelsa state that is why Bayelsans are passing through bitter times. They say it is cocoyam that produces cocoyam. And again, if someone’s father is generous his son too may as well kind. There is no two ways about it. It is self explanatory per se, the source remarked
The mysticism of Dickson goes beyond the belief of sweet and bitter sticker. It is a widely believed by insiders that the governor has a historical link with a community in the South-West part of Nigeria. They say people from that part of the Nigeria nation are said to be blessed with special capabilities that could be feared whatever they do.
Little wonder he styled himself as the ‘Afurumupepe’ means - White Shark- undeterred by violent waves of the ocean as it glides over the water unruffled.
Dickson so far is triumphant over his political rivals. He demonstrated this feat at the various elections he contested. For instance, ex-governor Sylva short-changed his candidature at the National Assembly elections in 2011 but undeterred Dickson went straight to his constituency headquarters in Sagbama to contest that election. INEC dully recognize his election and that leads the way for him to go to the National Assembly that year. And again, he floored Sylva during the 2016 governorship elections in spite of Sylva’s political aggression. He also floored Heineken Lokpobiri of APC for Foster Ogulah, his friend, during the Bayelsa West Senatorial election in 2015. Now, he and Sylva is in the election petition tribunal in Abuja battling for the soul of Bayelsa.
As I write this piece, a sizable number of political appointees in his cabinet, having considered his awesome capabilities, are scared of Dickson’s political calculations. Some he talks to at often times while others he kept sealed lips. Nobody coughs. They prefer to stay with him to the end no matter what the people may hate him as they are very optimistically waiting for better days ahead for them to benefit from his regime when the recession is over.
To the common man on the street, Dickson is seems to be a leader who has lost the confidence of the electorate because he’s singing a discordant tune for them. His unimpressive policy and programmes is being mocked at public discourse but they are afraid of the ‘Afurumupepe’. His opposition rivals cannot speak out freely on thorny issues affecting his administration for fear of being intimidated so he rules on but their resolve lies on the fact that after his remaining three years is over, whether good or bad he will go.  


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