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Economic recession: Agric is one way out, says Uchendu

Looking Good Boutique proprietor, Engineer Joseph Uchendu says agriculture is one of the ways Nigerians can quickly get out the present economic recession.
In a chat with Cree
According to him, the people at that time dug the dry land to get water to irrigate their farms for food production and eventually they overcome starvation in that process.
He described particularly Bayelsa state as a fertile land for agriculture as any food crop one puts on the soil grows to yield good fruit.
To this end, he advised government and other business men and women to pay attention towards agriculture to move out from the current economic recession in the country.
 He equally pointed out that prospective business men and women should also look out for grey areas to get out of this economic meltdown that is facing the nation such as manufacturing of sachet and bottle water, sale of petroleum products and food stuffs, etc.
To him these are sectors that people can focus their mind to make profit to beat the hard times the nation is passing through.
Diversification, further stressed is an important key for any successful entrepreneur to stay alive in business, adding that stagnation in biz is dangerous.
Engr. Uchena graduated from the University of Maiduguri, Jos as Mechanical Engineer and started various businesses outfits as soon as his service year ended in Yenagoa. Now he’s among the successful business men in Bayelsa state.    


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