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Transparency Law: Dickson first to be found wanting

   By Snoopy Boy

It takes time, energy, intelligence, dignity and above all, the ability and endurance for a leader to rule his people to the end.
In Ijo nation, personalities like Diette-Spiff, late senator Okilo, Alams, Jonathan and Sylva have come to rule and gone.
None of these leaders left office without people casting aspersion against them and therefore Governor Dickson becoming another Ijo ruler is not too strange except those not very close to him.  
For those who are close to him, they know too well that Dickson really wanted to make a difference as he hurriedly sent an unusual financial bill called “Compulsory Bayelsa State Financial Saving Account Bill” to the state House of Assembly. A bill that would make transparent to the people of the state how much money government receives spent and saves monthly from the Federation Account. And this is to be made public. Indeed, he wanted his government to be as white as snow very, very transparent for people to see.
Ovations of praise follow this bill. It was so loud that people in hundreds of kilometers beyond the shores of Bayelsa state capital, Yenagoa, could hear it. He demonstrated this campaign to visitors of the state especially at transparency briefings where he used to brief stakeholders about the various amount of money, expenditure and savings. Dogmatic he was!
Without mincing words, the amount of money he saved during his first tenure was above N40billion or thereabout. Bayelsans, particularly, his party chieftain and followers were glad that Governor Dickson is the first to make public financial savings of a state but they don’t remember that former Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi used to make his own public although not regularly like Dickson.
But there you are! The finances of the state had suddenly started to dwindle. It so dwindled that the governor cannot save anymore. His financial predicament becomes a burden that he is afraid to carry so he quickly went back to the lawmakers to repeal the law in order to save himself from public embarrassment.
And of course stakeholders thought the Governor would have used the savings to pay salaries but he could not do that. Nobody ever knows when he approached the lawmakers to approve withdrawals for him to spend, a situation where several stakeholders are begging for answers.
Sincerely speaking again, nobody knows why the governor now makes u-turn on this important, transparency law.
 Wonders, they say, will never end in Bayelsa. Indeed, for the first time in Bayelsa, Dickson is like men who make a law and the first to be found wanting. And again, he’s like a child whose stretch of hand is not long enough to pick palm kernel from the cooking alter.  

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