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Don’t shy away from Lotto biz, says R&S Supervisor

By Papa Austino/Kingsley Ladein
 A clarion call has been sent out to Bayelsan to invest in lotto  business as it will boost the Bayelsa state economy.  DSP Thompson Ekpe (rtd),   Supervisor, R and S Lotto, made this remark while chatting with journalists in his office in Yenagoa.
DSP Ekpe, who advised Bayelsans  not to shy away from official lotto business stress that  they should develop interest because it will improve their economic well-being.
 DSP Ekpe, said that the Lotto game is not compulsory for people to play but people will continue to play and win money as the National Lottery Commission is in the forefront of lottery promotion.
According to him, all what they are doing falls within the ambit of the law, which is why they pay taxes to both the Federal and state government as required.
He further stated that R & S is still a baby in lotto business in Bayelsa state although it has been able to create significant awareness among the people.
To this end, DSP Ekpe advised the National Lottery Commission to do more publicity in Bayelsa state with a view for the business to grow.
He figured out that, though, there are threats from hoodlums who attack their sales representatives, yet the business still survive.
DSP Ekpe mentioned short payments of returns to the company as part of the challenges they are facing as a company stressing that such problems were solve internally with the help of the police.
He advised the National Lottery Commission to advertise the lottery game in other to effectively promote the business in the state.    

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