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Dickson: Most Abused Governor of Bayelsa

Being tag by my close friends and associates as the “Underground Press”, I am considering Governor Dickson as the most nocturnally abused person. May be he’s aware of this by now.
To begin with, the man was given the full mandate by the people of Bayelsa state in 2012 to rule them and later 2016 to end up in 2019 when the game is over for him.
Sylva, however, challenged him at the election petition tribunal for the 2016 governorship election but he floored him.
He started on a sound note in 2012 by embarking on massive infrastructural development, spreading projects everywhere in the state.
Then there is the rub. The economic down turn set in with low allocations going to the state from the Federal Government with the state little internally generated revenue.
The governor cried out for his helplessness to manage the running of government. To this end, salary is slash and the workers are not happy about it.
In this vein, pensioners and civil servants never get salary as at when due including other statutory allocations reconsidered. The state economy is in the hoods.
He stops work on some projects except the Cargo Airport, New Government House and few other ones are ongoing.
The other day at the Transparency Briefing at the Banquet Hall Government House, Yenagoa, I asked him who is responsible for the state financial predicament? In his response, he blames it on previous administrations who took loans and bonds.
Today, a section of the same people who gave him the mandate to rule the state is abusing him at beer parlors, restaurants, reception halls, burials and commuters blaming him for the woes of their lives. If this is anything go by then, all is not well with his administration.
I hear one University Don say Dickson attended night school so he’s going to abandon the state and go to Abuja with his family to stay. Laughs!
Former Ijaw National Congress (INC) President, Prof. Kimse Okoko is ready to fight him if he has the financial muscle to do so, reports say. Some called him an insensitive, heartless, clueless and impassionate Ijaw governor from Toru-Orua, saying that pensioners died much more under his watch.
Some political associates also tag him as unfriendly, jealous prince lacking human face, believing that he is risking the lives of his people. These and other unprintable insults ring bell in town!
Now frankly speaking, President Buhari while marking his first year in office in Abuja disclosed that Bayelsa state has N95billion during the year. Where this money was spent, his critics asked.
However, those that who dares him suffers punishment. For instance, it is on record that Tonye Okio from Otuokpoti once posted on facebook that one Niger Delta Governor was caught for money laundry in London with N10millon. Although his name is not disclosed, the gentleman who happens to be APC chieftain was arrested and later charged to court. But he’s only left off the hook after several intervention initiatives were made by highly placed dignitaries of the society. However, Okio spent 87days in prison custody, missing his Christmas and yuletide season.
Another case in point is the mass arrest of staffers at the Universal Basic Education Board (UBE) at Okolobiri. They were arraigned in a Yenagoa Magistrate Court for allege fraud. The amount of money is whooping. The matter died a natural death as nobody knows how much was recovered.
 And again, there was this case of Sylva’s Irrevocable Payment Order placed on First Bank by the ex-governor. The amount is over N40billion. When Dickson came on board, he stopped it. According him, he advised the state Chief Judge, Justice Kate Abiri to handle the matter in court with Sylva. As I write today, nobody I mean the Bayelsa public knows anything about the state of the matter after five years in office.
Recently, sleaze agents stormed the premises of former SA on MDG’s, Chief Ebeleakpo and sealed off his houses at Azikoro road and Adaka Boro Expressway. Up till date, the inscriptions read as follows. ‘This house is under the investigation by EFCC, keep off.’
These cases raise eyebrow from social critics and human rights activists of foreseeable and suspicious financial mismanagement by public officers who handle government business.
Governor Dickson, however, assured Bayelsans that he will not play politics with the development of Bayelsa state but the people of the state are grumbling for belly kingdom daily. May be they expect Jesus Christ’s return to restore the Glory of all Lands again for them.
He has the mandate of the people. He should not be excused for any malfunction of government. He’s responsible and accountable to the people since he is elected by the people. It is their right to ask him for explanation when things are seen going negative.
There is one sure way out of these insults from the public on the governor. Governor Dickson still has the magic wand if he cares to use it well.
According to High Chief Lionel E. Jonathan-Omo who wrote in his book ‘Letter to the President,’ on the solutions to the Niger Delta crisis ‘Your Excellency, the best way to go about this matter is for you to impanel a medical team made up of some of the best medical scientists in the country. You shall give them the mandate to look into the possibility of eliminating mosquitoes in the country. The medical team will give you a very quick response. You eliminate the mosquito by properly fumigating the environment with approved chemical compounds…Mr. President if you announced to Nigerian public that you have put a group of eminent scientists put together with sole purpose of finding ways of freeing the country from the  scourge of mosquitoes, Nigerians would show you appreciation you never fathom. Insist on complete elimination of the mosquito. Start the process and do not look back until the deed is done. Then watch the mood of the country.’
This is when ex-president Jonathan was on board but nothing is done on that good advice. Governor Dickson of Bayelsa state can apply this method to gain the mood of the people in spite of the satire of insults level against his administration of late.
To mine opinion, he’s considered as the most abused governor of Bayelsa state since the state was created in 1996. No governor has been insulted like Dickson. For instance, Col. Edor Obi (rtd), Caleb Olubolade, Ayeni, Alamieyeseigha, Jonathan and Sylva have come and gone, the spates of abuse were less.
May be the way and manner our son of the soil, ex-president Goodluck was abused at the presidency level is happening to Dickson. So what do you think? Your guess is as good as mine.


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