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Dickson the Man of Destiny

By Jonathan Obuebite
The main essence of government is to manage the affairs of a state and its people. This responsibility is adequately captured in the relevant laws of every society and it serves as a reminder when there are abuses and inadequacies.
That is why in the world over, democracy is more accepted is accepted as the best form of government because of the unique ingredients. Institutions in democratic societies are revered as through them laws are made and implemented with an effect on citizens.
Based on this, it is always expected thqat every individual who is through the instrumentality of the peoples vote attains a government office should see it as a huge privilege, occupy it with the decorum and make governance enjoyable and not endured. This way a lasting legacy will be left and the people will yearn for more. But if the reverse is the case, the same citizens will henceforth treat you with disdain just as they will also mock you.
Early in the political life, the current Bayelsa State Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson discovered the open secret trick of government and governance. This is not surprising because of his ebullient and highly cerebral nature. He gave his best shot in all the positions he occupied and was never found wanting.
As the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, making him the Bayelsa state law officer, Dickson was exceptional and as a lawmaker in the House of Representatives he was extraordinary. Perhaps his unique quality was all that was needed to put him forward to the position of governor. Those who insisted on him were not disappointed because easily Bayelsans accepted his candidature and in 2012, precisely on February 14 he was inaugurated formally as the state chief executive.
Just as he settle down to work, avalanche of distractions came up. His opponents fired from all and were desperately bent on frustrating him. The more they tried and the more they were so unsuccessful.  Little did they know that Dickson was not farmer who goes to farm without his working tools. They also forgot that he is the “Oferema-pepe” (the great white shark that sails when the sea is roughest).
Governor Dickson in his inaugural statement declared a state of emergency in the education sector, built and remodeled schools, health centers, built four new secretariat complexes, a spr4awling edifice that adequately accommodate civil servants and political office holders. He didn’t stop there, the flyover bridge was constructed while more roads were built to link Yenagoa to other local government areas.
Determined to make difference, Dickson began the construction of the new governor and deputy governor’s office the Bayelsa International Airport in Amassoma, the impressive Ecumenical Center and so many other projects scattered across the state. These landmark projects were already enough to earn him a second ticket and truly it did.
On December 5, 2015 Bayelsans and other residents of the state came out in their numbers and voted for Dickson alongside his deputy, Rear Admiral John Jonah (rtd). It was an election that will never be forgotten in the history of the state. Prior to that the contriman governor in course of his campaigns went to all the communities in the eight local government areas. In some of them he passed the night there.
The people were surprised by his humility and in some of the communities overwhelmed by the visit as no governor had ever visited them. They sang and danced and also spread cloths on the ground, symbolizing the story of ‘Triumphant Entry” in the Holy book, not forgetting the level of love shown in the two communities where they ran into the river just to greet the governor and show support and assure him of their votes while in turn assured them of his government to improve their lives. It was a promise they kept and even when agents of darkness attempted to steal their future they fought against it. On December 9, 2016 they resoundingly repeated it that the “talknado governor” was their choice.
As expected the opposition All Progressive Congress ( APC) and the candidate, Chief Timipre Sylva went to court. In January after the declaration of Dickson as winner of the election I said it on a live private radio programme in Yenagoa that there was no way the court can upturn the outcome. I emphatically stated that the former governor was trying to do was give his supporters false hope, buy time and look for an escape route.
Attempt to subvert the will of the people began at the Elections Petitions Tribunal. Sylva after failing to bribe the judges, launched a massive campaign of calumny against their lordships, accusing them of sundry crimes all in his bid to intimidate them and secure judgment in his favour. He failed! The judges affirmed the victory of Dickson, throwing out the petition filed against him. That bold decision sent the camp of Sylva panicking and in disarray.
The APC and Sylva suffered the same fate at the Appeal Court as again the victory was upheld and the appellate court dismissed their appeal. In their usual style they deployed every means before the judgment to wipe up sentiment but their antics failed. Truth is truth anytime.
Buoyed by assurances by the APC hierarchy to procure a black market judgment and make him governor and through the back door, Sylva again approached the court. This time it was a major blow. The Supreme Court did not only embarrass him but retired him politically. Their lordships asked him why he participated in an election he said was not credible. The former governor got more than he bargained for.
Having overcome all legal obstacles, the contriman governor can now settle down to do more for the people. Bayelsans will see rapid growth all round as his concentration now will be to deliver oh his electoral promises. The beauty of it also is the fact that for once the state you have a governor for eight years. So for Dickson it is matter of destiny.
For this and other reasons, the people of Bayelsa have today decided to give their governor a heroic welcome rally back to the Jerusalem of the Ijaw nation.  


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