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My man must be sexy, caring and good on bed –Linda Ikeji, Blogger

By Tosin Akinola
Popular for bringing news blogging to a completely new frontier, Linda Ikeji has indeed come a long way. With 10 years experience in the business, she is definitely nobody’s fall gal.
The former model opens up to TS Weekend on her career, love life and recently launched social media platform, Enjoy it.
Can you tell us about Linda Ikeji Social?
The unique platform ( represents a revolutionary innovation in not just news reporting but also in facilitating social interaction. LIS creates a virtual meeting place that combines the dissemination of news, as well as enabling social connection and interaction.
LIS came up as a result of feedback from the blog that people need a platform where they cannot only get breaking news, but express their positions on issues as it affects their world. They can also interact and connect with friends as well as get all other important information about products and services around the world.
News sharing is tied to what we do everyday on social media; we all have a responsibility to share things we witness that we feel could bring about change in society. So, it is a platform where you can land the home page from anywhere you are navigating from, view notifications and messages and also you can submit your story and get paid.
Don’t you think you are going too far with this Linda Ikeji Social and don’t you think you need more training on it?
I am not going too far at all. I have been into it since 10 years now, I have so many experiences good or bad, so I know what I am doing. I need to expand and think wider. In the aspect of training, I don’t need any training; the only thing I need is to get my staff trained, send them to places to get trained, but as for me, no!
Why do you always write negative stories about celebrities that are not your friends?
Look, I have never written any negative story about anyone except ‘him’. I don’t want to mention any name, because I don’t want any distractions. More so, they are all my friends and I don’t have any bad belle towards anyone, I am only doing what I know how to do best.
Do you think the threat was too much from ‘him’?
I am never moved by any threat, and nobody can threaten me. I am not doing an illegal job, I publish what I heard or saw.
Don’t you think your mansion is too big for you especially now that you are single?
Hmmmmm, I am 36 and I have been struggling for 10 years. I believe I deserved it. Look, I don’t belittle myself. I believe that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. I have the money to buy the mansion, so why won’t I do that even if I am not married yet. Don’t you think that anything can happen anytime? I am not praying for death now but someone needs to enjoy life for the fact that we still breathe. Buying half a billion naira mansion is my choice, and I am not regretting it.
Can you tell us about your plans for marriage and what you are looking for in a man?
Yes now, I am ready to settle down. Truly, when I was still struggling, I didn’t think of getting married. I was so ambitious and focused on my career. I was so passionate about my dreams. But now, I am getting there gradually. Recently, I sat down and thought of everything I am expecting in a man. My expectation was so high but now I have reduced it to just three.
What are the three things you are looking for in a man?
Haaa… why will I tell you that? Okay fine, my man must be rich because I can’t marry a poor guy. Secondly, I need a man that will fully support me, a man that will always drive me, a man that will motivate and push me higher. And thirdly, I want a man that is caring and sexy, most importantly, a man that is good on bed.
If you get married, are you moving into your husband’s house or he is moving into your mansion?
Of course yes, I will move down to my husband’s house and leave my parents there till when God says it’s time for them to come home. There is nothing wrong in that.

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