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EXCLUSIVE Fears For Kim! Kardashian Battling Secret MYSTERY Illness

Multiple insiders claim she's received a troubling diagnosis that will SHOCK fans.
By Radar Staff
Kim Kardashian (Watch on Hulu) is dealing with a troubling secret even worse than her Paris robbery and Kanye West‘s meltdown, has learned. Multiple insiders told Radar that Kardashian is hiding a medical crisis from her fans, and even from her friends!
“About three weeks ago, Kim received bad medical news,” an insider told Radar. “Kanye has been stressed about the diagnosis and that was part of what is to blame for his demise.”
A separate source independently told Radar, “Kim’s friends have heard she was diagnosed with a major illness, and is not going to be OK.”
“Her friends are worried and trying to find out what’s going on.” “That’s part of why Kanye flipped out,” the insider said. “The family isn’t telling anyone yet.”
Indeed, a third insider close to the Kardashian family said all is not right within 36-year-old Kim’s world.
“After the robbery, Kim went to see all sorts of specialists,” the insider claimed. “She got a diagnosis and has started taking medication.”
“She’s following her doctor’s orders and is working through it, but a lot of people around her are scared.”
As Radar reported, it’s been a trying year for Kardashian. She was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October 3, and was living a hermit-like lifestyleupon her return home to L.A., up until 39-year-old West’s hospitalizationon November 21.
She hasn’t been photographed in public for weeks.
Courtesy: Star Magazine


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