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Anxiety over Will claimer's dieath

Shock and anxiety have filled the heart of the Jombos family in Odoni community in Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa state as the claimer to his multi-dollars lottery Will is dead.
It is said that Mr. Austine Jombo  was a London based Ijaw man and as providence would have it, he won multi-dollar lottery.
Our source however explained that the man died after investing his fortune in business, but before his death, he willed his younger brother last son’s name simply called as Eric Jombo Owei as claimant of his Will.
It is further gathered that the two daughters of the deceased also came for the burial rites at Odoni and, same day they zoomed off.
Lately, confusion burst among the siblings to ascertain who is to claim the deceased money and property in the Americas and London.
But the misunderstanding was settled when the deceased’s lawyer in London came to their rescue with documentary evidence, confirming Mr. Owei as the name of the claimant.
The fortunate young man who was notified to travel to London to sign the Will became sick and died four days to the event
Family, friends and other well wishers were adamant when the news of the death of the Will claimant rented the air in Yenagoa and Odoni, all in Bayelsa state.

 Efforts to reach Jombo family are to no avail as at press time.


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