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Dickson’s ‘Xmas Gift tears Kabiama community apart

A family in Kabiama Community (name withheld) in Sagbama local government area of Bayelsa state has been turned apart by Governor Henry Seriake Dickson’s Christmas gift.
Checks revealed that Governor Dickson in his magnanimity sent about N20,000 to a Ward in the community as part of Christmas dash through a state representative.
Somehow along the line, animosity reared his ugly head among themselves, disputing who is to share the money.
The atmosphere, according to eye witness account, had become tensed as they decided to disagree to agree. Then, the burst! One of them sliced the hand of his rivalry, seeing that blood has flowed, another one from behind retaliated.
The uproar in the sleepy riverine community was unprecedented but it took the good people of the community to bring down the tension under control.
Meanwhile, the two victims who sustained injuries were taken to the Sagbama General Hospital for treatment as at press time.
Calls to the police in the area council cannot be reached. More details later.


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