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Murder at Ekeki

There was pandemonium last weekend at Azikoro Road junction, Ekeki, Yenagoa when the news of a house wife suspected to have killed her husband broke out.
The name of the house wife was not immediately known but neighbors account said it all started when the woman surreptitiously parking her belongings out of her husband’s home whose name was simply given as Leo Parker, aged 73.
But somehow, one of his little boys saw that his father was lying on the floor of their room, meanwhile his wife had continued to the removal of properties from the home through the window.
According to our source, the bubble burst when she was unable to get the freezer out through the window and used the entrance door of the room.
When neighbors asked her where she was carrying the fridge to, she said that she is taken it for repairs. At this juncture, the little boy told neighbors that he saw his father lying on the floor of their room.
Our source further said that when neighbors went to the room, they saw the deceased lying on the floor of the room with cold blood on his face, chest and feet dead.
The shock stricken neighbors raised  alarm and people within the compound and passerby’s troop into the compound to see the deceased and his wife for more than five hours before the police came to affect an arrest of the suspected housewife and remove the corpse to the morgue.
According to one of his younger brother, the incident is strange to his understanding, but he suspected his elder brother’s wife is behind the murder.
The state police command image maker, Mr. Boswat in a telephone call said he’s not aware of the incident yet.


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