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Grazing land for herdsmen: Bayelsa govt, Ankio disagree

By Dreadlocks Rasta Journalist February 9, 2017
Theirs is sharp disagreement between Bayelsa state government and Ijaw nation activist, Ankio Briggs over the 1,200 hectares of land provided by the state government for cattle herdsmen for grazing.
According to reports, Briggs had condemned the decision by the state government to give out the said land for the settlement of the cow boys from Fulani, saying that the people of Niger Delta had suffered enough and should not be allowed by “northern elements” to further degrade the land.
 To this end, she would want all well meaning individuals to call Governor Dickson to order and kick against his decision.
But the state government in press statement signed by the Chairman of Ijaw National Congress (INC) Central Zone, Chief Kennedy Odiowei in Yenagoa, and the state capital accused Briggs of inciting members of the public without knowing the reason behind the government decision.
Although the government respects her opinion on other thorny issues affecting the Ijaw nation, but her recent vituperations were misguided by mischief makers.
According to the group, the governor remains the Chief Security officer of the state therefore his duty is to make the state secure and safe for everyone, and furthermore reposition the economy of the state.
The grazing land for the cattle herdsmen helps to alleviate the living standard of the people which would equally stop the humiliations Briggs said the Ijaws have endured in Nigeria, says Chief Odiowei.


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