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Ordeal of Niger Delta ex-militant

File copy of Niger Delta Ex-militants

By Rasta Dreadlocks Journalist February 15, 2017
A Niger Delta ex-militant popularly called the “Bounanaowei”, Mr. Goddy Smith has recounted the ordeal of his arrest and detention by security agents in Warri, Delta state on January 7, 2017.
According to him, he was at home in Warri on that fateful day when he heard gunshots around his house and when he came out, he saw unidentified men who later turned out to be naval officers, asking him to surrender.
They asked him about his name and he responded in the affirmative but then they picked him in handcuffs with three others to the Naval Base in Warri, Delta state without telling him his offence.
Later, they were flown to Abuja and detained in an underground cell where there is no light except when they were served with food. That was an ample opportunity for them to check time and date of the year because the cell is dark.
At times, the DSS investigators can come in and interrogate him whether he’s the one that is blowing up pipelines in the Niger Delta region and furthermore, asked him the whereabouts of Tompolo.
In all these interview sessions, he answered them that he knows nothing about pipeline bombings talk less to know the whereabouts of Tompolo, but if they want to know where he’s, they should go to his home town, Gbaramatoru.
But with the grim situation around him in the detention cell, four each room, and to his greatest surprise, the security agents failed tell him why he’s arrested, he said.
Furthermore, he said they were later flown from the DIHQ’s in Abuja to the Naval Base in Warri, thinking they are free to go home but rather they were taken to the Area Command of the Nigeria police Warri. The police asked what their offence was, he said he doesn’t know. However, they were later taken to the Government House, Asaba, to dialogue with the state government.
Eventually, they were released on February 25, 2017.
Asked what may be reason why they were arrested, he said it might be unconnected with the problem of party supremacy in Delta state, adding that the security agents must make concrete investigation before making arrests if not, many innocent people will suffer in their hands.
 According to him, he met General Oboy and 10 other Ijaw persons while in the cell, adding that the Ijaw Nation doesn’t know where they are going.
On the IYC crisis, he’s of the view that it is only the governors that can handle it, assuring that the crisis is going to be resolved soon.
He commended the Ijaw Nation particularly the Ijaw National Congress (INC) and other prominent Ijaw people who made his release possible after spending more than one month in detention.  


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