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Salfatein is out to make a difference –Manager

By Austine Bodo/Francis Dufugha
March 9, 2017
When other fast-food joints are going out of business due to the economic recession across the country, a new eatery called Salfatein is out to make a difference in the hospitality sector in Bayelsa state.
Situated at Agbura suburb in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, the fast-food, restaurant, bakery and bar outfit is now a bee-hive of customers from various walks of life, trooping in and out daily to patronize the joint that dish out Continental and African foods to satisfy them.
The new joint that started operation on October 1, 2016 is a delight to behold because of its cozy environment.
In a chat recently with newsmen at the eatery, the manager Mr. Nwosu Chidi Kingsley said ‘we are out to make a difference because our foods are affordable and to the taste of our customers.”
The fair complexion manager further remarked that “people patronize Salfatein because of our unique dishes which are the delight of our customers. We are an indigenous company and we know what our people want and we are ready to sustain the tempo because as I said earlier we are out to make a difference.”
On recipes, Kingsley said that they serve dishes according to the health needs of their adult customers because Salfatein bread and cakes are sugar free.
“We have chocolate bread, butter bread and special bread. We have chicken pie, fish pie, meat pie, fish roll and meat roll.
“Our dishes are not expensive and affordable because our ingredients and spices are locally sourced and so the dollar exchange rate do not determine our products we give out to our customers.”
The manager also hinted that Salfatein bread is sold in all markets across Yenagoa and its environs, while assuring its numerous customers of steady and sustainable supply.
Salfatein fast-food that goes with the motto “home of delicious meals” also engages in outdoor services for clients that demand for such services; “we organize bouquets for our numerous customers if they demand for it. The bouquets services are negotiable according to the need of the customers, so it is also affordable.
‘Tell us the number of guests and we will give you what you want”.
Like any other businesses in the country, one of the challenges facing the eatery is that of energy. The eatery runs 24- hour electricity on its generators.
Again the manager narrated, ‘we run on our generators and that translate to mean we are burning diesel 24/7hour and you know that it is expensive but we are not worried because we are in business and our customers satisfaction is our ultimate objective. You can see that the air-conditioners are on and our customers want them off when it is too cold.
Salfatein is a home to be when one visits Yenagoa because, while other eatery joints are going out of business Salfatein weathers the storm of the harsh economic depression.


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