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Disruption of water can lead to outbreak of disease

The disruption to water may lead to the outbreak of unexpected diseases in Nigeria.
To this end, authorities in charge of water resources including aid agencies should brace up to ensure that basic services such as clean water is provided for the people to make them a healthy life.
This is contained in a UN report about the unsuspected, quiet and looming famine that is gradually surfacing in Nigeria and other African countries.
The report says some of these problems were caused by political interest and conflicts without the ability to address it properly.
For instance conflict erupted in northern Nigeria eight years ago, the country has steadily spiraled into a humanitarian crisis. The conflict has claimed more than 20,000 lives, and almost 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, more than half of these children. Without assistance, more than 5 million will face serious food shortages this year.  
The food scarcity situation is made worse by the disruption to and lack of basic services such as clean water and shelter, leading to increased likelihood of disease.
It is gathered that some state governments are ignorant of this development for failing to embark on agricultural projects that could feed their people. Not only that, they could not reconstruct water pipelines that were destroyed while embarking on new infrastructural projects, leaving the people behind to drink unclean water.


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