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NDU sinks

May 31, 2017
The financial crises rocking the Bayelsa state owned Niger Delta University (NDU) seems to be heading for the worst as government’s policy on the school is sinking the school.
A source close to said that Governor Dickson muted an idea, which is now in effort, for student’s to pay school fees directly to government account for him to revitalize the funding of the university but he was shocked to learn that his idea failed.
Our source hinted that the Governor having given the directive now asked the government accountant to “inbox” the amount of school fees he has collected from students for the month of January and February 2017.
He was shocked to note that it is only N300,000m that the government could collect, stressing further that half of the student were yet to pay because of irregular payment of salary by his government.
The Governor also demanded to know the total amount of money when all students pay their school fees; the government accountant puts it at N600, 000million, an amount of money that cannot pay salary of workers per month in the university.
Our source said that Governor Dickson thought that NDU is making big sunk of money but now he has seen things for himself believing that the bill for running a university is actually high.
The only option is to increase school fees to N600,000 per student to met up the financial challenges the university is facing, an insider said.
According him, there are no visiting professors to the university now as there is paucity of funds to pay them, adding that lecturers find it very difficult to teach following the back log of unpaid salary arrears the government is owing workers in the university and the stoppage of overheads.
Besides, the students are also finding it difficult to register for the semester, making the finances of school to sink.
All efforts to confirm the story from the governor’s press scribe, Daniel Iworisuo proved abortive.


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Please check your figures. The first one read 300 000 m, and the second read 600 000 million. Please correct those figures because 300 000 m means 300 000 000 000, which is 300 billion, which in turn is the entire budget of Bayelsa State.