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Bayelsa Chief Whip beg parents to send students into boarding schools

The Chief Whip of Bayelsa state House of Assembly, Hon. Samuel Esena has begged parents of secondary students to send them into boarding school.
This is coming on the heels of the public hearing of the 2017 compulsory primary and secondary education bill in Yenagoa on Friday.
He is of the view that the massive educational infrastructures scattered around the state is defeated if parents ignore to check in their children into boarding schools built by Governor Dickson’s led restoration government.
According to him, the Governor declared emergency on free education since he came on board in 2012 to enable parents to send their wards to primary and secondary schools in the state, but this educational policy cannot be achieved without an enabling law to enforce it.
To him, Bayelsa state is educationally disadvantage over the years therefore introducing the formal boarding school system for secondary schools could fast-track disciplined and qualitative education in the state.
The bill being sponsored by the Majority Leader of the house, Hon. Peter Akpe seeks for compulsory education for children at school age to go to school in the state, seeks all parents, guardians, school heads and elders to comply with the law.
The bill provides punitive measures to ensure that it succeed and sustained to an enviable height as government invested heavily on it
Various stakeholders made comments on the bill during the public hearing and commended the sponsor for his good foresight but however noted that government should be alive to its responsibility to do the needful to succeed.
Meanwhile, it is said that most parents are reluctant to send their children to boarding school because logistics are involved, Not only that, they are also afraid of porous security around schools.
It could also be recalled that the state government still owes teachers backlog of 6-month salary.


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