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Bayelsa needs people driven political process – Dr. Welson

A University Don at the Niger Delta University, Amassoma Dr Ekiyor Welson has advocated the need for people driven political process in Bayelsa state.
He made this declaration in Yenagoa in an interacting session with newspaper publishers on Tuesday.
He is of the view that political officers seekers could be made at the pleasure of the electorate and not by imposition.
Dr. Welson who is also the Director of Campaign for Development and Democracy (CDDC) has concluded serious grass root civic education to enlighten the electorate to shun money bags that will come around to buy their votes, adding that youths should not allow themselves to be used and dump at the end of a political process.
According to him, his nongovernmental organization based in Yenagoa has already began mobilization in Bayelsa for a credible candidate for the 2019 general elections adding that consultation with various stakeholders is ongoing.
The University Don stressed that all what the NGN is doing is tied down to politics which is centered on what to do to bring social change, the political economy of Bayelsa state and oil politics in Nigeria.
The group is also examining the success and failure of all successive civilian administration whether they fare well as an electorate.
He kicked against the monopoly by political cabals who used to impose leaders on the masses that cannot be held responsible to the people, nothing that voters are letting politicians to know that it is no longer business as usual like in US, UK, and France where people see a wind of popular change and Bayelsa state cannot be different.
He would want eligible voters to avail themselves of the on going voter registration exercise and exercise their power to choose the right leaders.
“For too long people have allowed evil to thrive in the name of politics because they were detached and alienated from their heritage and stand aloof on matters that concern all of us. All these need to change.”


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