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Dickson's Political Adviser charges Bayelsans to register

Inhabitants in Bayelsa have been charged to take advantage over the on-going voter registration exercise by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the state.
The Special Adviser on Political Affairs, Hon. Fyneman Wilson stated this in a press statement issued to newsmen in Yenagoa Thursday.
According him, it has become imperative for Bayelsans other residents in the state to participate in the democratic process come 2019/20 general elections.
He noted seriously that the voting strength of Bayelsans was low key during the last general election although a Bayelsan was elected president in 2011.
He further stressed that it is the responsibility of INEC to sensitize the electorate to register, but government cannot fold its hands by the voter apathy experienced in the state at previous elections.
According to him, various stakeholders were already mobilized to sensitize the people at the rural communities to get registered for the voter card, adding that the clamors for change are mainly through election.
However, he attributed the low turnout of the people to take part at the ongoing INEC voter registration exercise in the state as a result of the difficult terrain of Bayelsa state because most people live outside their communities to work.
When asked if government may declare public holiday to enable people to get registered, Hon. Wilson averred that it is only the state governor can make categorical statement on that effect.
He appealed to the media to equally give adequate publicity about the on-going voter registration exercise as part of its social responsibility to society.
He is of the opinion that soon, parents could be made to show their voter card before their children get admission into model schools in the state.


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