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Group asks Youth leaders to shut down National Assembly …….Want them to resign

By Dreadlocks Rasta Journalist
The Movement for the Survival of Ijaw Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND) has asked Niger Delta youths to shut down the National Assembly alleging that its leadership is unpatriotic in keeping Nigeria together.

The secretary of the group and foremost Niger Delta youth leader Ambassador Winston Cotterel Amain, in a press statement said it has come to their notice that the leadership of the National Assembly have demonstrated this on the recent constitution amendment.

The group described the leaders in the National Assembly as wicked, bias, unpatriotic, ethnic bigots, looters, cheats and deceivers  so they resign for the sake of Nigerian unity, economic growth and peaceful coexistence.

The group further affirmed that even the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB) is a fraud against the southerner part of the country.

Comrade Amain who is also the new National Mobilisation Officer South South Ijaw Youth Political Forum (SSIYPF ) asked national assembly rejected the devolution of power, resource control and true federalism?
With these aforementioned and other abnormalities meted on or against the people of South South region of the country, the group called all youth leaders of the region to sensitize, mobilize and shut down the National Assembly.

Ambassador Amain added that the group cannot allow that myopic crop of greedy shylocks to sit at the helm of affairs in the National Assembly if resource control and true federalism in Nigeria is to be achieved
“They must resign or we will shut down the National Assembly”, the MOSIEND secretary concluded.


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