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Queen Amaka’s superlative birthday bash

Papa Austino
The Extreme Lounge and Sports Bar, Enugu never remains the same penultimate weekend when ex- Queen of Tourism Nigeria Amaka Favour hosted friends and well wishers to her birthday party.
It was gathered that the dress code of the birthday splash is black all the way although she did not disclose the reason behind the colour code but it is said the she love it..
Old and new friends of hers were really captivated with fun while the party lasted. Furthermore, the music amidst the tense amazing glitz of splashing lights added colour to the event.
Speaking, Queen Amaka Favour expressed her appreciation to all that honoured her invitation.
According to her, “I am overwhelmed, so happy feel like ‘am on top of the world knowing that I was loved by people”.
There was plenty of food to eat including drinks as her birthday cake is cut accompanied by loud ovation from invited guests who honoured her invitation during the society event.
Notable queens that were present at the superlative birthday bash include Queen Ogugua, Queen Clara Christian, Enrg. Mandela Chibuke and Corpra Abumchukwu.


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