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Wanted: Synergy for participatory democracy

By Papa Austino in Yenagoa, August 7, 2017
The political class in Bayelsa state has been called upon to open negotiations with the people with a view at creating synergy for promoting participatory democracy to avoid the political violence in the past.
Executive Director of the Campaign for Democracy and Development in Bayelsa (CDDB), Dr. Ekiyor Welson made the call at a Town Hall meeting in Ogbia Town as part of commissioning the group’s office in the area.
To him, Ogbioa is a political contradiction, being the Local Government Area that housed Oloibiri, where the first oil well was struck in 1956 but has no basic amenities 63 years after.
He condemned the Nigerian state for the monumental neglect of the area including the people who refused to agitate for a better life and the state who decided to pursue their selfish interest rather than the common interest of the people while communities like Oloibiri being in shambles.
Dr, Welson therefore appealed to the people of the state and Ogbia in particular to start the process and imbibe the culture of searching for, finding and electing their preferred leaders into political offices, if they are experience development.
In his remarks, James Samuel, Ogbia Coordinator of the group noted that the Ogbia political leaders have wasted 16 solid years of political leadership at different level and regretted that that Ogbia political leaders has followed the path of political money bags in the past, which in a way denied the people of their right to select a credible persons to vie for elective office, adding that the people should reject any offer of money, which in most cases is used to short-change their need for development.
In her remarks, the Director of Strategy Security, Intelligence and Surveillance of CDDB, Mrs. Freeman Aniedim advised Ogbia women in the state to join hands with their men counterparts to save people from tyranny and act as partners in progress for the good of the people.
She also called on the Ogbia people not to follow politicians that do not have the interest of the people at heart and charged that the time to change their story has come.


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