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CDDB and future politics for Bayelsa

Future politics for Bayelsa needs to be revived per se if the state must be free from the shackles of bad political leadership.
As the saying goes “there is nothing impossible” can be applied in this case of Bayelsa state politics because there emerged a new knowledge or thinking to sanitize the next set of Bayelsa leaders come 2019.
The new option emanates from a non-governmental group called Campaign for Democracy and Development in Bayelsa (CDDB).
It is a group aimed at promoting social justice, development and good governance through participatory democracy in Bayelsa.
It is currently the new alternative to select future political leaders of the state. All what the people should do is to agree collectively to choose their future leaders but not by the will of politicians.
The moment this ideology is metamorphosed, coven addicted politicians will never take a ride on the people who voted them into power. Just like what happened recently to Senator Ben Bruce whose constituents decided to recall him from the senate. It is beauty of democracy, a government of the people, by the people and of the people shall come to stay in its true essence.
The message has gone round the whole state and by now it is burning like a wild fire. The people have already digested the new participatory message of democracy and they will dare it come 2019 in Bayelsa. Doubtless, it’s goona be a shift from the old way of politicking by polical leaders during elections. Indeed, CDDB is the future of Bayelsa politics.
A retrospective look at politics in Bayelsa state since its creation on October 1, 1996 is fraught with unjust political class to secure power at Creek Haven.
They are political desperados who did not stop at anything to loot the treasury dry and thereby under developing the state in spite of the huge federal allocations accruing to state.
Having four successive governors of the state since 1996, the leaders had concentrated much more in their selfish interest rather than the majority of the governed.
For instance, late governor DSP Alamieyeseigha was so self-centered that he wanted to become the vice president of Nigeria with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as President. His ambition was cut short when ex- president Olusegun Obasanjo noticed this desperation and trapped him down on allegation of corruption leveled against him by EFCC and his subsequent impeachment in 2005.
He did not bring about the needed development to the state as his personal interest undermines the overall development of the state. Although he was loved by Ijaw people, but he lacks genuine leadership quality to move the state forward in terms of capacity building and opening the state up for investors for socio-economic development of the people.
Ex-governor Jonathan, Chief Timipre Sylva and incumbent Governor Henry Seriake Dickson as well were all brought into power by their cronies at the presidency whose dictations they copy to rule. To this end, they did nothing to the much needed development of the state. The electorate was hijacked by money bag politicians. By the time they secured power, the government abandons them following the pittance offered them at the polls.
Therefore the people have no voice to seek for their privileges and rights. Only the voices of the politicians are heard in the media, town-hall meetings and other social gathering in governance. No wonder, when ex-governor Timipre Sylva placed an irrevocable payment order with Union Bank, no body challenged him for this corruption anomaly. A whopping sum of N500m was starched in that account when Dickson took over in 2012.  One wonders if the incumbent governor has recovered the money from the bank is another question begging for answers today.
Chief Sylva was once styled as the choking master. He starved political friends of his and majority of Bayelsans of their statutory stipends. He cannot construct a major road leading to Nembe and Brass while in power. And Bayelsans could not cough as an imposed leader on the people by the powers in Abuja.
Today, Governor Dickson is singing the same tune. He pockets the people as an imposed leader by Jona. He wasted so much resource on projects rather than the well being of the people. He chews more than what he can bite.
When he came into power in 2012, he promised Bayelsans that his administration isn’t going to undertake loans to embark on projects.
But latest reports say that the Bayelsa House of Assembly had recently approved N40billion loan for the state government to complete ongoing projects.
The request for the loan facility was contained in a letter dated October 30 and addressed to the Speaker of Bayelsa House of Assembly, Hon. Kombowei Benson.
The loan request which was tabled before the Assembly on a public holiday, got unanimous approval following voice votes after several legislators spoke in favour of the borrowing plan.
Today, some politicians are already jostling to run as governor, believing that they have done well. But come to think of it, they have done nothing just with a fraught ambition to take the people for ride again through unfulfilled promises to deceive the people.
Bayelsa politics must be placed on the free hands of the people to decide for themselves only not by few political appointees who converse under one uncomfortable room to hold nocturnal meetings to select people to run for elective positions. And this message is now cutting across marrows of political party leaders of old and their supporters in Bayelsa state. Some old politicians feel jittery while majority of youths embrace the CDDB’s new social justice campaign.


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