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Bayelsa Specialist Hospital is open to the public

Head of Administration, Ganere Anderson
The Bayelsa Specialist Hospital is open to the public contrary to the view that it is only meant for top government functionaries of the state.

The Head of Administration of the hospital, Ganere Anderson dropped this hint while exchanging views with newsmen in her office in Yenagoa.

She stated that the hospital give prompt attention to patients like any other hospital for the high, middle class and poor people of Bayelsa state operating in a serene environment that patients might not know that they are in a hospital.

Although she confirmed that there is public and VIP sections in the hospital but that does not mean segregation, adding that any patient can get treatment at the VIP section even though the price varies
On the issue of facilities, the Head of Administration is happy about the state art of equipment in the hospital.

She said “our state of the art equipment are well equipped, for instance, our laboratory department is well equipped. We have the chemistry, hematology laboratory, radiology department and stroke centre where we have started our dialysis with patients referred to us from other hospitals.

“To achieve this, the management of the hospital has been asked to train and re-training of doctors. Right now, we have attained the needed manpower but we intend to improve on it in future. We train the clinic and non-clinic staff to achieve needed objective of sound health for all”, she explained.

She added that the hospital is particularly specialized on the stroke center but they are also   working hard to ensure that they specializes in other areas as well, saying that hospital job is not just a part it is a all round thing.

Meanwhile, she appealed to the government and private sector to maintain their partnership with a view to give sound health for the people of Bayelsa state. 



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