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Why Gov Dickson is proud of himself

By Papa Austino Bob, Dreadlock Rasta
Governor Henry Seriake Dickson’s coming to power is no longer news to any one that knows him.
He was a member of the National Assembly in spite of then governor of Bayelsa state Chief Timipre Sylver’s political intrigues to short change him for Hon. Williams Ofoni of Sagbama-Ekeremor Federal constituency.
He is the one king makers like HRM King A.J Turner and Goodluck Jonathan, as at then, found in him worthy to oust Sylva out of power in the 2011 governorship election. It was quite a remarkable achievement for Dickson.
Succinctly speaking, Dickson become so bold and proud of himself after his first tenure and eventually made the PDP’s reconciliation committee chairman although with little success before Mr. Jona’s fall.
He used that platform to assert himself that he’s colossus of party politics. He is so proud to tell Bayelsans here and Diaspora that he beats the federal might with the peoples’ power. It is on record that he’s the first sitting governor to give birth to quadruples.
Down in Yenagoa, Government House, he’s the “talknado” governor. Commissioners hardly see him.
He controls everything and his word is final. You must get directive from him for actions and inaction.
He poses as well. Any time he attends a political event, he raise his shoulders high back up with a dance music step of Awirigiri  – Adanogele -  by Afred Ezonebi.
It is at such events that he spits venom on the opposition that power will never be handed over to violent politicians and criminals while he’s on the saddle.
To him, he’s the best governor that ever ruled Bayelsa state, no one else but only him – AFURUMUPEPE - the big white shark, a title that so dear to him by his political “gang” alias restoration team.
He’s very proud to tell you that he established the Africa University, Toru-Orua and the Ijaw National Academy, Kaiama, projects so dear to his heart and head.
He’s is proud to lash at Abuja based politicians for falling to develop Bayelsa state; however, political gurus ask after the developmental projects he brought to Sagbama while he was in the National Assembly.
Now, the man is on another reconciliation mission immediately at the close of PDP’s elective convention in Abuja where Uche Secondus is elected as the national chairman. Doubtless, this new assignment of his is making him to be more bold and proud of himself as he is rubbing shoulders high with PDP big wigs across the country.
Some say he’s playing national politics and abandon governance at home.
Prof. Tunde Adeniran spoke well about Dickson. 
“You said something earlier on that may be, what prompted you to lead this team is because you are a governor.
“I believe far much more than that; there are certain qualities that majority of us have come to appreciate in you, which you should keep up.”
But back at home, critics never see Dickson as someone to appreciate and move Bayelsa forward as a governor. For instance, Dr. Ekiyor Welson will blatantly ask of any foreseeable new project that he has embarked upon and completed, say from Igbogene to down town Yenagoa.
Again, Prof. Kimse Okoko is of the view that Dickson wasted Bayelsa state resources without qualms. Nobody dares to challenge him. Last but not the least, the Great Messenger Comrade Gbassa Ebiserikumor once described Dickson as a termite, saying that he may end up in Kuje Prison, Abuja. Different shades of thought as you can see.
Naturally, he who pays the piper dictates the tune but is it a good one. Achievement cannot make one to be proud without compassion for societal growth particularly where the person hails from. 
Loyalty to party politics is not the in-thing only.
The society would want someone that can make them proud and assert their belief on him anytime, anywhere.
Personalities like Bill Gate, the micro software giant of America had touched the lives of several people, distributing malaria drugs to help curb the disease in poor third world countries.
The issue here is that a leader should do the needful to community as a whole not only for elites and their families to benefit.
What I am saying is that for someone to be proud, you must have impacted on the people with high degree of development of your environment, for instance, expand or broadening the mind of everyone.
A friend of mine on facebook recently posted that we should not forget “Oweifa” gained currency in Bayelsa and the statement was associated with an occupant of Creek Haven, where Dickson holds sway.


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