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Critic condemns fire brigade property acquisition in Nigeria

Comrade Monovie Figlo
Social critic, Comrade Monovie Figlo has criticized the fire brigade approach of property acquisition by Nigerians and their allies.

Mr. Monovie Figlo said this while marking his 56th birthday celebrations in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital on New Year Day.

According to him, this is happening as a result of the greed to accumulate wealth by Nigerian leaders which is gradually destroying the environment

To him, property owners, such as land, cannot claim their resources as it is expressively taken over by leaders without their consent, therefore had deprived the people from their source of livelihood.

He is of the view that if this trend is not checked, there may be chaos in the land as the rich continue to live in splendor while the ants suffer in abject poverty.

He disclosed that he was born Quaker on Christmas Day 65 years ago, saying that he has passed through several ups and downs in life within this period.

He commended those that took time out to honour his invitation and wished everyone to strive hard to prosper in life

Dignitaries from all works of life attended the birthday celebration including presentation of gift items.


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