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Political jobbers hijack TBA’s work

By Dreadlocks Rasta Journalist inYenagoa

Political jobbers have hijacked the work of Traditional Birth Attendance (BTA’s) work in Bayelsa state.

Reason is that they wanted to make money in the name of coordinating the TBA’s programme for the government to succeed in primary health care delivery.

The state commissioner of Health Prof. Ebitimi Etebu disclosed this while making his presentation at the ongoing inter-ministerial briefing in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Although the commissioner pointed out the important role traditional birth attendants play in primary health care delivery but he said, government decided to checkmate their activity because of some health complications involved in traditional birth delivery.

According to the commissioner, trained and qualified health experts are now put in their midst to work with them while others will be empowered through the N-Power programme.

Meanwhile, the health commissioner said that government is to create primary health centers in all the wards of the state.

To effectively manage the centers, government has already sent a bill entitled ‘Bayelsa Primary Health Care Management Board’ to the state House of Assembly to be passed into law which has already gone through second reading.

When this is done, the commissioner disclosed that all health workers in the local government areas of the state could be transferred to the health centers to work, thereby relieving the local government councils of the state to pay their salary.


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