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William, Isobara Vows Democratic Dividend, Speaks On LG Autonomy ****INEC Boss Urges Delivery

By Daniel Domotimi

The newly elected chairman of Abak local government area of Akwa Ibom state, Esq. Imo Williams say, Nigeria does not need a Local Government autonomy to succeed but a guided autonomy were their rolls and duties will be defined and teachers, nurses as well as staffers salaries will be paid as an when due, to burst their morals.
Esq. William said this in his home town, noting that the LGA's are the drivers of diversification of our economy and when not done, will lead us into a gap in government educational and health sectors like it was in the 80's when we then experienced 6 months to one year strick due to unpaid salaries and that brought about the springing up of private schools.
He said "our constitution today have  saddled the LGA's with the responsibility of providing primary education, primary health care facilities, sinking of bore holes amongst other lives touching projects which today when visited have become a death trap due to lacuna the government have created.
" Defining the rolls of these LG's will be the answer of solving the problems bedeviling them, for  instances in the 80's when we operate an autonomous system of governance by the LG's each time  allocation comes, it is used jamboree.
"Now look at what happened in the election, people in the rural areas have began to realise themselves, that they have the powers to elect a candidate of their choice freely without devoid of sentiments which
just bring about a violent free exercise caupled with the confidence in governor Udoh Emmanuel's developmental strides in replicating what have been done without rancour".
On issues of employment, William urged all, to wake up to responsibilities as it is a matter of choice for every able bodied
person, hinting that unemployment is not a challenge but a self inflicting poverty and that he (William) will creat the enabling,
environment to ignite and spur them to positivities.
In his part, the chairman of Essien Udum LGA, Elder Raphael Isobara said, human capacity development will be the bain of his
administration as he (Isobara) will bring to bear his successful private business management skills to play.
Isobara said, his emergence as chairman was born out of the will of God Almighty with the massive support and momentum from the people which is a divine aura from God and expressed satisfaction on the
conduct of the just concluded elections in the state.
Isobara said, sustaining empowerment will be the key and central focus to engage all, through skills empowerment programs to turn many into employers of labour and not labour employers like him.
He said, in the past late arrival of electoral materials, inadequate security personnel causing voters aparthy but the government being able to amplify these values will build on the successes of Anambra state governorship elections, Enugu state chairmanship polls and now Akwa Ibom state LGA election.
He thanked the present leadership of Akwa Ibom state who is keen to providing the best to drive the process of providing basic amenities to the people of the state.
At the event of issuing certificate of return to the elected chairmen and councilors, the chairman of Akwa Ibom state Independent Electoral commission (AKISIEC) Elder Aniedi Ikiowak said, the certificates signified that they are duely elected and are having the key to operate in the state.
Elder Ikiowak said, being elected after 5 years of the last conduct of the LGA elections, it will be a boarding to them as the people are now on their shoulders with high expectation.
An house of assembly member, hon. Friday Iwoh expressed satisfaction over the peaceful conduct of the election calling on all those that lost in the polls to shield their sword and join forces to take Akwa
Ibom state to the next level.
Hon. Iwoh said, the manner at which the people of the state go about pre, during and post election period was worthy of   emulation, calling on other states to take a queue.
Iwoh said, this is one of the best things that have happened to Akwa Ibomites in recent times because caretaker committee chairmen were not on the high pace of delivering the dividends of democracy like we shall experience with the elected chairmen who have been given educational power.
A councilor, Amb. Uduok-Obong Innocent Umoh said, the All Progressive Congress (APC) is nowhere and should learn how to accept outcome of elections, especially elections as such which is characterized as
free, fair and credible by all.
Umoh said, now that the elections are over, the stage is now set to give to the people the devidence of democracy which is expected of them (the elected officers).


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