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Hon. Blankson Osomkiwe:The transformation leader

By Yebufura Abanze Tonbara

A transformational leader is one who sets the pace for others to follow. A transformational leader is idealized in the sense that he/she is a moral exemplar of working towards the benefit of the team, organization and/or community.

Some of the undisputed characteristics of a transformational leader are as follows:

Emphasizing intrinsic motivation and positive development of followers, raising awareness of moral standards, fostering higher moral maturity in followers, creating an ethical climate (share values, high ethical standards), encouraging followers to look beyond self-interests to the common good, promoting cooperation and harmony, providing individual coaching and mentoring for followers, appealing to the ideals of followers and allowing freedom of choice for followers.

Hon. Blankson Osomkime has proven to be a direct representation of the aforementioned fact; he is one who is deeply keen about the development, growth and progress of those around him.

In one of his meetings with stakeholders in YELGA/KOLGA federal constituency, he posited that:
"As a leader I get really uneasy when people around me are not happy.

"I see it as a duty to put smile on the faces of those around me and help them solve their problems."

As one who have held different youth leadership positions, his transformative disposition is over the years gone through diverse stages of refinement, preparing him for this all-important task of representing his people in the green chamber.


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