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I remain chairman of HOSCOM - Dr. Bob Nabena

By Pauline Onyibe

The Bayelsa state Chapter of Host Communities of Nigeria producing oil Gas at the weekend again re -echoed their commitment and true allegiance to the person of Dr Bob Nabena maintaining that he still remains their chairman.

This is coming on the backdrop of a purported report on an online
medium in January this year saying that he was no longer the chairman but one Boma Robert who was a one-time youth leader of the chapter.
Recall that an online medium ( Daily Post) on the 9th of January 2018 had reported that Bob Nabena the chairman of HOSCOM Bayelsa  state remains suspended indefinitely.
The self-acclaimed Acting National Chairman High Chief Benjamin Style Taramiebi had at the 2nd annual general meeting in Delta stated that “The Bayelsa state Chairman, Bob Nabena remains suspended and Boma Albert is now the acting Chairman.

The allegations heaped on the chairman who is incidentally on a
medical trip to the United States of America according to the letter
of suspension was that he was collecting money from Bayelsa youths and issuing out fake forms for skilled acquisition programmes among other allegations.

Taramiebi had noted that it is their way of putting to an end groups defrauding  the body in the guise of building modular refinery for HOSTCOM as well as all those that are collecting money from people in the name of giving them pipeline surveillance jobs.

But the chairman HOSCOM Bayelsa state Dr Bob Nabena reacting to the development through e-mail said “You know how I have been struggling for HOSCOM for over 11 years now
but some people are bent in tarnishing my name and they won't stop.
They are cashing in on the fact that I travelled out of the country to plan their evil”.
Bayelsa state chapter never collected money from anybody on pipelines or modular refinery. There are now two factions in the National and we belong to HRM king Diete Spiff BOT chairmanship with Dr Mike as National Chairman.
The losing side who couldn't penetrate to the Federal government and the Presidency are trying for the spoil but my people are not smart enough”. he wrote.
 The chairman said Chief Style Benjamin was being used as a stooge by enemies of progressive strives to engage the Federal Government to live up to their promises in addressing the environmental and economic backwardness of the poor masses living in the Oil and gas producing host communities in the Niger Delta thereby creating a factional group that has been dormant for over six years.
“We in Bayelsa state never advocated nor collected any money for registration for pipelines or modular refineries.
It is therefore a ploy by Chief Benjamin to use cheap publicity to
want to not only tarnish my image that has been earned from my youth to gain cheap publicity for himself”.
“Chief Benjamin and his faction so to say, have no local standing to suspend the authentic serving chairman nor any right to install anyone as acting chairman of HOSCOM Bayelsa state. He is being tele-guided by these groups from Delta state who are jealous of the strides being made by the National body championed by HRM king Alfred Diete Spiff and all the states chairmen giving full cooperation to lead all the delegations to the relevant state and Federal meetings. I am still the state chairman and currently on vacation but being represented by the Vice Chairman Chief Ikiobofa Amasamana.
The acting chairman of HOSCOM Bayelsa state Chief Ikiobofa Amasamana had told Creek News Weekly that Dr Bob Nabena is still the state chairman of HOSCOM Bayelsa state chapter.
“I’m standing to hold the Bayelsa state chapter better that he left it
and when he comes back, he is going to see a better chapter. We will not succumb to their idiosyncrasies”.


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