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Toinkumoh flays Brig-Gen Boroh’s reinstatement

Prince Layefa Toinkumoh a freedom fighter also known three lions of the Niger Delta has just said that anybody or group of persons calling for the reinstatement of
General Paul Boroh is an enemy of Niger Delta, adding that General Paul Boroh was an enemy of Niger Delta.

Speaking to journalists in Yenagoa the Bayelsa state Capital Toinkumoh said the glory that Kingsley Kuku brought to Niger Delta has been killed by Boroh.

The freedom fighter stated that “The underground pipeline  wielding, the Education  contracts were killed  by Boroh  adding that the amnesty  education project has been zoned to the Northerners to fill the chances”.

“Boroh stopped 4000 person’s salary and he has been pocketing the money until now that he left office”.

Maintaining that he was one of the people that protested for the removal of Boroh, Toinkumoh said that if Niger Delta freedom fighters are divided into three parts, two said Boroh must go while the remaining ones said he should stay.
He said “These are the people he was giving contract to and they were not executing them. Boroh didn't train anybody. A training that supposed to last for six months, he will train them for three months”.

“If Boroh pushes us back to the river, there will be operations no mercy to the oil companies. The boys shouting that Boroh must stay should come out so that we know their faces. If they are Militant leaders let them write their names and come out.  Let us know where they are coming from. They are fake people. We are saying that Boroh is a criminal and he killed the Development of Niger Delta”.

“If Boroh goes back to that office, we will start operation no mercy. My message to Niger Delta freedom fighters is anybody that join hand to say Boroh must come back Egbesu is going to kill that person and his family”.

Recall that General Paul Boroh was dropped few days ago as the Special Adviser on Presidential Amnesty.
It was gathered that 60 billion naira was  allegedly  discovered from Gen Paul Boroh account  also Beggi Erepade Fidelis a close associate of Boroh returned 40 million naira to the office and another 645 million was discovered in his account which they claimed was for
Niger Delta Avengers.

N800 million naira was also alleged to been  discovered in Mrs. Faith and her husband account head of vocation while Gen Paul Boroh allegedly added 4,000 ghost names which has   given him 7 billion in two years.


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