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Fracas as suspected “OBT” pastor steps out of court

There was fracas between friends of a pastor standing trial on alleged “OBT” case and journalists in a Yenagoa magistrate court premises in Bayelsa state.

The alleged “OBT” whose name is simply given as Apostle Chris was said to have asked one Chief Seiyefa Jones to donate large sums of money and his Toyota Jeep for him during a church programme in his church in 2017, promising that within three months, God would bless him more than he has given. And the police intervened and the matter was charged to court.

Eventually, the proceeding of the matter came up in Magistrate Court 3 in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state on April 4, 2018.

The presiding magistrate Mrs. Eke Spiff barred journalists from covering the matter in that newsmen had previously blown the matter out of proportion in newspapers, radio, television and social media as she received calls from several friends of hers over the matter.

To this end, curious journalists had decided to wait outside the courtroom in order to confirm the proceedings of the day’s sitting from the said pastor.

Unknown to him, TV cameramen were already captured him as he stepped out of the court to enter his awaiting car that brought him to court. There was the rub.

Furious sympathizers of the pastor ran forward to hit the lens of the TV cameramen, which eventually break their camera as the fracas ensued, though no life was lost.

Staffers and members of the public inside the court premises turned out in their large numbers to witness the fracas between the journalists and furious sympathizers of the alleged “OBT” pastor on trial.

The police was called in to bring the situation under control and one suspected man involved in the breaking of the TV camera was whisked away to A Division of the police in Yenagoa for interrogation.


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