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I am phenomenal Nigerian woman, says Miss MEGE

By Harry Sharp

Online blogger,  recently had a brief SMS chat with Most Elegant Queen in Enugu, Miss Yinka Oluwatosin Alexandra. She discloses some insights about her life

Tell me your name

My name is Yinka Oluwatosin Alexandra, age 20. I am from Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State in Nigeria.

I have contested for three beauty pageants and by God’s grace I won all. Miss Command Day Secondary School, Miss Federal School of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu and Most Elegant Girl in Enugu

Who inspired you?

I think my inspiration came from within (smiles). I had always loved a crown; I always imagined myself as a queen with a crown on my head, shoulders high however I had a challenge.
I am 5'6 a height which most people consider not so suitable for pageantry, but then I read about Columbia's Luz Marina Zuluaga who won the Miss Universe title in 1958, Luz was 5ft4 when she won that title, so that very day, my hope was restored, if Luz at 5ft4 could win miss Universe, 5ft6 shouldn't be a problem.
So, technically Luz Marina Zuluaga was a great source of inspiration to me.

Any hope for the modeling industry?

I believe there's still hope, I believe positive things can still be said about the modeling industry, I believe people would one day look at models and appreciate them for what they do and love them for who they are.

Role model

My dad is my role model, my dad is an exact replica of who I want to be, he's kind, he understands, he's a blessing and an inspiration to everyone around him.

Pet project

Hehehee, about that, I did a little thinking and a came up with a theme "Yes I am old but I am not a liability". The theme should let u know that this is channeled towards the old people, most of these people are found in the old people’s home. Some of them have been abandoned by their relatives and loved ones, some lost their way, etc. "Yes I am old but not a liability’ is aimed at restoring hopes and happiness to these people and also by God's grace, reunite those who lost their way with their families. Challenges - (scoffs)
Yea I've faced couple of challenges, from disappointment to discouragement, to lack of financial help, but in all these, God has been faithful, he has kept me strong till today and I am forever grateful to him.

Stage fright

I have no stage frights because I always tell myself, these people you are seeing are here to watch you do what u know how to do, you can either let them congratulate you or laugh at you. Acceptance from parents - At first, dad was against it, mom had always supported me. She got me all my costumes for Miss Command Pageant in SS2 (laughs) in a whisper (old memories)

Your future as a queen

 I see myself as a phenomenal Nigerian woman in future, a woman who despite all odd still stands and stops at nothing till she achieves success. I see myself at the peak of my career as a dental technologist, a respectful wife to my husband, a child whose parents are proud of and a role model to my children.

Who is your ideal man?

My ideal man is someone who shares the same vision and ideas with me, someone who wants success as much as I do, someone who loves God as much as I do, someone who understands me, someone who despite all my flaws, still accepts me and is happy with me. That is my ideal m


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