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MOSIEND RE-ECHOES RESTRUCTURING OF NIGERIAN FEDERATION ...calls on parties to boycott all political processes

The Movement for the Survival of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND) has once again reechoed the need for the restructuring of the Nigerian federation to the point of practicing a true federalism.

MOSIEND, stated this in a statement issued on this year's Democracy Day celebration by its National Secretary, Amb. Winston Cotterel Amain.

According to Amain “we in the Niger Delta Region will not accept anything less than true federalism.
"Our democracy must be based on the basic tenets of liberalism, which are the ingredients of democracy, such as self determination, true federalism and resource control.

“We must go back to the era, when every region controls its resources but only pay a percentage to the Central government in form of tax. This practice of fiscal federalism must not change now, because the main-stay of the economy now domicile in the Niger Delta region". He asserted.

The MOSIEND scribe also called on all Political Parties to jointly withdraw from all ongoing political processes leading to the 2019 general elections, until Nigeria is restructured.

The foremost Ijaw Youth Leader also called on the Governors of the South South region, National Assembly members and House of Assembly members, to meet and come up with a strong policy statement to address the present imbalance in the political geography of the nation.

MOSIEND, however uses this medium to wish all Nigerians a happy Democracy day celebration. While, urging them to continue to strive, until the true principles of democracy, which is good governance, rule of law and effective and efficient representation are entrenched.


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