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Attract Ijaw cultural values to foreigners, Arc. Okoya says

Arc. Okoya
As a friendly, proud and unique people in the Niger Delta region, Ijaws has been advised to open up the visual perception of the region to foreigners who want to come in to enjoy our tourism, culture and traditions.

Architect Reuben Boutuaowei Okoya, gave the advise while chatting with journalists in Ogbogoro town, host of this year’s new yam festival in Atissa clan  Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Arc. Okoya who  enjoin the youths to be respectful, honest and good ambassador of Ijaw  nation, said that ,  we must show respect and welcome them so that they don’t have a bad perception  of our environment, adding that we should show the best of ourselves so that the best of Ijaw culture is projected to the outside world.

On questioning, he said, we are in a season of celebration, a season we have to come together and promote unity, and as a member of the Bayelsa family, I cannot sit at home while they are celebrating the good fortune of God. In the spirit brotherhood and unity, I want to be seen in most of these occasions as I identify with our people.


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