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BSHA Deputy Speaker Screened, Ready For Party Primary

The deputy speaker of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Hon. Abraham Ngobere has been screened and battle ready for the September 15, 2018 People's Democratic Party, PDP, primary.

Speaking with some journalists at his Yenagoa resident after the screening exercise, Ngobere said the exercise was just a display of credentials that have been rendered by the aspirants in the past, to ascertain their authenticity.

Hon. Ngobere said, this is not the first time he had interfaced with such panel but wished and believed that all aspirants will scale through.

He called on the delegates which cut across the one hundred and five wards of the state to vote for credible persons that will fly the party flag, believing that the outcome of the results will be accepted by all.

The deputy speaker was seen in his usual style, exchanging pleasantries with people of his constituency without caging himself with the use of security personnel around him.

Responding on why he does not use security, he said, the legislative business is for the people, noting that he does not want to add much value to his office in other not to scare the people away from him.

The delegates are five persons per ward and Bayelsa State have 105.


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