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Kebetkache organizes town hall meeting for Bayelsa women

The Kebetkache women’s development and resource centre has organized organized a one day town hall meeting for Bayelsa women as the 2019 election draws closer.

The town hall meeting which was held at Yeagoa borught many women from different communities from across Bayelsa state who came to listen and take the massage back to the women in the communities. 

With the theme gender and accountability, ending gender based violence at the work place; the Executive Director of the resource centre Emem Okon in her opening remarks thanked all that made it to the town hall meeting. 

The project she said was being implemented by Kebetkache women’s development and resource centre in partnership with women rights advancement and protection alternative.

The town hall meeting Okon also disclosed was for the women to understand and speak out against the impact of corruption and its practices and women’s ability to access rights, justices, services and opportunities from the perspective of accountability in the governance and service delivery.

“At the end of the town hall meeting, women are expected to generate women’s rights issues and narrate the way women are impacted by poor implementation of government programmes and law enforcements”. She charged the participants. 

Continuing she said the centre choose this period of 16 days activism against gender violence to hold the event because according to her,   it was in a time the world is speaking against gender violence.

Speaking on a topic understanding gender based violence in the work place, Stella wellington Igonibo of Niger Delta University maintained that women should be able to speak up against any form of violence in their places of work whether sexual harassment, verbal abuse or any other form of violence against them.

Maintaining that there should be cohesion among the women folk Igonibo stated that the women should unite together to fight any form violence against the women be it child trafficking, dehumanizing people or anything at.

Encouraging the women to empower themselves educationally, she said “There is no special job meant for anybody adding that violence at the places of work violates our right to safety.

Caroline Siasia one of the participants had advised that on the issue of corruption and accountability, all especially the women should start from the home front to correct the anomaly adding that “The married women should teach their husbands to do the right thing.

Also Elizabeth Egbe   of operation rescue encouraged others to speak up in case of any violence against them stating that there should be enlightenment in all the institutions.

They participants all concluded that there should be policies that will fight the superiors.

They also said judiciary should be strengthened to punish offenders adding gender participation should be given priority in government institutions.

Kebetkache Women’s Development and Resource Centre is a community action, education and advocacy non-governmental organization working on development and social justice issues as they affect women and children in Nigeria and around the world.


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